Church of the Holy Corkscrew

7 04 2007

I have a friend in the UK who, like me, is very spiritual minded and who, unlike me, is Roman Catholic.   One time we were chatting online via a webcam, and I was making a point rather emphatically, so I picked up the first thing I could find and started brandishing it and pointing with it rather, um pointedly. 

My friend says with great dignified bravado (as only the English can do) “He …  has …. spoken!  Behold, the Corkscrew of Anglican Infallibility is in his hand.  He speaks and it is done!”

The corkscrew has been with me ever since.  

We’ll just overlook how ironic (and fitting!) it is that the symbol of Anglican Infallibility is a corkscrew.  Expect to see it pop up from time to time, though I hope I don’t have to use it much except for its original use, which is to open wine bottles and ward off evil spirits …



One response

8 04 2007

i am hoping the corkscrew will appear here …. test

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