Prayer request — Vestry vote Tuesday, May 8

3 05 2007

As those who check in to teaheepeehee on occasion will know, I am currently in the discernment process to be an Episcopal priest.  I am also the first openly gay aspirant from my parish. 

The discernment process varies some from diocese to diocese, but it generally takes three phases:  1) Have conversations with your rector 2) a parish level series of meetings with a committee formed by the rector and 3) a modified repeat of phase two at the diocesan level.  The amount of time varies for each phase.  Since I am technically a recent “convert” (having left the Baptist tradition and being confirmed as an Episcopalian in 2005), it’s taking a while.  Phase one lasted a few months, and phase two has taken the better part of a year.

On Tuesday, May 8th, phase two culminates in a brief presentation to the vestry by myself and a representative from the committee, who will then vote on whether or not to send me ahead to the bishop.

Things have gone well so far, but it can be an exhausting experience. For one, you have to articulate answers to questions such as “What do you feel is your specific ministry and why do you have to be ordained to do it?” and “Along with your other gifts, to what extent do you feel that your orientation is a gift to the church?”

Overall, I feel pretty good about everything.  I don’t see any real reason why I would be turned down, but I do know that it is a reality I might have to deal with.  I suppose the jitters I might be feeling would be understandable for anyone who is one step closer to a change of life.

In short, I am asking for prayers from everyone that might read this.  My hope is that I will represent myself honourably and authentically, and above all, that we will continue to be guided in this process by the Holy Spirit.




4 responses

3 05 2007
Pisco Sours

Lord God Almighty, in whom we live and move and have our being, guide the R.B. through this new phase of his life, and grant him strength and courage and wisdom, that he may become a faithful shepherd to your people. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

3 05 2007
Marshall Montgomery

I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

4 05 2007
Joe Omar Gonzales

You are blessed by Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, May God wrap you and keep you, may the Holy Spirit live within you, may you be a shining example of what Jesus would want and what Jesus would do. God knows best, one door will close but another door will open. Peace

8 05 2007
Pisco Sours

So how did the vote go? Don’t keep us on tenterhooks here! *still praying hard*

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