The votes are in …

9 05 2007

Last night I attended part of my parish’s vestry meeting along with one of the members of the discernment committee.  I preached a brief homily and then had a 30 minute Q&A session with some very interesting questions.

I apparently won them over because I got word from the rector earlier today that I had been unanimously approved to go forward in the discernment process!!!  I go before the Bishop and the other such discernment folks at the diocesan level most likely in the fall.


Thanks to everyone for their prayers. 




5 responses

10 05 2007

Outstanding news – hang in there! It’s a long haul, but worth it in the end …

10 05 2007

Congratulations! I hope it continues as well.

11 05 2007

Happy news indeed! Just out of curiousity, what did you preach on?

12 05 2007
Reverend boy

Thanks for all the well-wishes and congratulations … The text came from Matthew 18 where Jesus is teaching about how to deal with conflict, which he does in 3 steps 1) talk about it privately, 2) talk about it in a small group, 3) treat the offender as a Gentile or a tax collector.

The twist of course, is that if were to follow Jesus’ example as to how he treated Gentiles and tax collectors, we find out that he had supper with them, hung out with them, and never gave up on them.

That’s the nutshell version. Rather timely considering all the drama that’s going on.

12 05 2007
Pisco Sours

Belated congratulations!!!!

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