Jerry Falwell has died

16 05 2007

As most of us know by now, Jerry Falwell died yesterday. 

The religious right is in mourning (understandably so), and there is an anti-memorial being staged in San Francisco (understandably so, though I hope no one from the church … any church … is there).  We who are GLBT will unfortunately remember him as a man who promoted hatred instead of love and building bridges. 

However, I cannot bring myself to be happy about the death of anyone, even one such as him.  At the same time I am glad no one is asking me to do the eulogy or write an obituary because (aside from the fact I didn’t know him personally) I would have nothing to say that is positive.

I can only pray for his soul’s repose and that he is drawn into the nearer presence of the Lord. 

Celebrating death, even the death of Jerry or Saddam Hussein or even Adolf Hitler, is our base human desires for revenge and power rearing theirugly heads.  By rejoicing in the death of another, are we any better than someone who blows themselves up for the promise of an eternal reward?


I will admit that a big part of me wants to see him seated at the great wedding banquet of heaven between +Gene Robinson and a Penetecostal lesbian 😀



2 responses

21 05 2007
Pisco Sours

You know, I really would not be surprised if, after we die, God places us in the most beautiful, serene, awe-inspiring setting possible, but places us with the people we hated the most in life. And if we’ve really taken Christ’s teachings to heart, it will end up being Heaven; otherwise, Hell.

In other words, Sartre almost had it right!

22 08 2007


I’m really impressed!


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