+Gene Robinson not invited to Lambeth ’08

22 05 2007

I am very very disappointed. 

Read it here

Note that +Martyn Minns, bishop of CANA, is not going either. 

The text of the invitations sent out from Lambeth today is here

More to come I’m sure as the day unfolds.

Update:  +Gene wrote a response which says (quoting from Walking With Integrity)

It is with great disappointment that I receive word from the Archbishop of Canterbury that I will not be included in the invitation list for the Lambeth Conference, 2008. At a time when the Anglican Communion is calling for a “listening process” on the issue of homosexuality, how does it make sense to exclude gay and lesbian people from the discussion? Isn’t it time that the Bishops of the Church stop talking about us and start talking with us?!

While I appreciate the acknowledgement that I am a duly elected and consecrated Bishop of the Church, the refusal to include me among all the other duly elected and consecrated Bishops of the Church is an affront to the entire Episcopal Church. This is not about Gene Robinson, nor the Diocese of New Hampshire. It is about the American Church. It is for The Episcopal Church to respond to this divide-and-conquer challenge to our polity, and in due time, I assume we will do so. In the meantime, I will pray for Archbishop Rowan and our beloved Anglican Communion.

Apparently before he comments further, he wants to speak w/ +Katherine Jefferts-Schori, our Presiding Bishop.

My Gut reactions at this point…

 … and I am totally acknowledging this may be a bit visceral, but hey, if you can’t be visceral on your own blog, where can you?

In George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, the pigs created a poster at the end which said, “All are created equal but some are more equal than others.”  That is clearly what +Rowan is saying here.

I admit up to this point I was hopeful.  However, I guess the real +Rowan Williams has stood up after all.

Apparently among the bishops invited to Lambeth are those who could be said to have: cooperated with a corrupt government, participated in flagrant misogyny, have a direct hand in fomenting schism in provinces and the global Communion, and collaborating with deep-pocketed fascists in North America … and they have done this all in the name of othodoxy.

The one bishop in the US who has not been invited is someone who has done nothing except be true to who God has called him to be.  Once again, gay people are being talked about and spoken to, but not spoken with.  Once again, we are not part of the conversation.

I sincerely hope I am proven wrong and made to repent of my harsh words.



3 responses

22 05 2007
Eileen the Episcopalifem

I don’t know if you read Fr. Jake’s blog, Rev, but, this is what fellow poster Luiz had to say there, which offered me some comfort and perspective:

Not going to Lambeth would be a great choice if those bishops were not Christians.

However, if we, as Christians, commit ourselves to loving our enemies, I think they should go.

Dan posted a link to a more complete version of Canon Kearon’s note. There, he said +Robinson could be there as an observer. So, let him go too, and make himself present there. A good idea would be organizing a paralel event and inviting lgbt people from different provinces to share their experiences in Lambeth.

My fear is that we are in the midst of a difficult transition to what we envision a church could be, and if we simply interrupt it now, we’ll avoid more people to rethink their values and join it. Perhaps the witness of your bishops accepting this hummiliation imposed by the institutionalized church will help some people be convinced of who is who in this game. Maybe you don’t see that, but following TEC’s actions, many people around the world have been rethinking their views on homosexuality.

I just wish for a moment people could see that, when +Robinson was elected and consecrated, this fact has caused studies and discussion in parishes, seminaries and church-related institutions all over the world. Of course you have an idea about that, but if you could only see, you’d be surprised how many barriers were broken because of that. And I think the mere interruption of this process would delay this transition even more.

However, I’m not so naïve… I really would like to see a firm answer from bishops and leaders in general (and not only from TEC) on this refusal to invite +Robinson. The Bishop of Harare, for example, was involved in several scandals regarding Mugabe’s government. Is he being invited? I think this is a pretty good argument. If they are disinviting +Robinson because he would be scandalous in certain parts of the Anglican Communion, they should be disinviting all bishops that could be regarded as controversial.

But, frankly, everybody knew Rowan Williams would be doing this. He has become so predictable…

If you don’t know Luiz – he is an openly gay man, living in Brazil – he’s a semanarian, I believe – Anglo-Catholic.

22 05 2007
Reverend boy

Luiz and I haven’t crossed paths, Eileen, but i will say that when I do read his comments on blogs like Fr Jake’s or at the Mad Priest’s hangout, I tend to be impressed. It’s good to see that I’m not disappointed.
Thanks (i’m thanking you a lot today, it seems!) for pointing this out to me.

23 05 2007

LOL! Pas de tout, mon ami!

That’s what blog friends are for!

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