Lambeth Tea Party Update

22 05 2007

Update #2 …

It appears that some folks think that +Gene being invited as a guest may not be the worst thing in the world, especially in light of the AMiA and CANA bishops here in North America are not being given an invitation at all.  This is basically saying that AMiA and CANA are not part of the Anglican Communion, even though they are operating under the auspices of two African provinces (aka “wholly owned subsidiaries”). The Bishop of Pittsburgh (and most likely the Anglican Communion Network) is basically taking his marbles and going home. 

As usual, I am grateful to Andrew Plus and The Anglican Centrist for their injection of reality into what otherwise would be a very hot-headed discussion. 

At the risk of being cheeky, I can only hope when I throw a party that there’ll be this much drama over the guest list. 😉




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