Memorial Day weekend roundup … Pee hee!

30 05 2007

Last weekend was awesome! SIR and i went to see a couple of movies, had a really nice bike ride, saw a couple of performances (the ballet/theatre … get your minds out of the gutter!), caught up with some friends of ours, cemented some new friendships that have been forming, and all in all just had a great time 😀

Oh, and we did our part to raise a bit of mischief on Saturday 😉 Part of the best way to spend a long weekend is in bed or a sling. 😀

So now, since SIR’s travels quite a bit, he’ll be away most of the summer. He left this morning. I miss him already! 😦 We’ve known each other for about a year now (been collared since October), and we’ve had a great deal of fun. For my part, I feel that I’ve grown some in the past 10 months and have become not only a better boy, but a better man in the process. He’s also made sure I’ve kept good care of myself, such as encouraging me to do renovations for my bedroom, practicing the piano regularly, making sure i keep up with my workout schedule at the gym, etc. etc. I hope I’ve been able to help him out too in my own way with the weekly laundry, keeping his boots in good shape, and in general making his life easier.

It’s a really great thing, I think, when two people look out for each other.

SIR is very proud of his boy, and I for one feel I couldn’t be a luckier guy! or happier!

Sometimes people who are part of the “tribe” of the gay community or the ever-so-quirky BDSM community will wonder how my being a boy squares with being an Episcopal priest …

My usual response is something like “anything involving a life of service and a collar is beautiful thing!” 😉

pee hee!



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30 05 2007

It’s pleasantly surprising to know that it’s possible to have a good Memorial Day weekend if one stays in the city and despite lack of proximity to me.


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