Conversations with the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist

21 06 2007

My Personal Atheist and I joke about how we should have our own TV show.   Until that happens, I am going to introduce a segment to this blog called “Conversations with my Personal Atheist” which are transcripts of some of our more interesting IM chats.  This will also serve to keep us from getting too serious.  Here’s one from today ….


the Reverend boy: the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, gave a speech at the Canadian General Synod yesterday.  24 hours later, people are still trying to find anything of substance.  One person commented “I was a guest at England’s General Synod last year and he gave the same speech.”

the Personal Atheist: LOL that’s called diplomacy: saying a lot without saying a thing.

tRb: he spoke for 10 minutes and didn’t have a point

tPA: points are overrated.


tRb: the Mad Priest basically said, “huh?”

tRb: I said, “Mad Priest, I whole-heartedly agree with your assessment.”

tRb: One French Canadian is reported to have said C’est what, eh?


tRb: someone else is reported to have said “He went on for a quite a bit and didn’t really say much of anything, but I did like the story about the cobra”

tPA: cobra???

tRb: he told a story about a cobra  <ahem>


tRb: to paraphrase, the cobra asked an abbot how he could get more people to like him instead of running away all the time.  The abbot said, “well for starters don’t bite people!” so the cobra went along side of the road stood perfectly still and watched people go by.  When they realized he wasn’t going to bite, they proceeded to beat up the cobra. the cobra painfully slithered back to the abbot, who said “My word, what happened to you!”  The cobra said he followed the abbot’s instructions to the letter and didn’t bite anyone.  The abbot replied, “I didn’t tell you not to hiss! :-P


tPA: and what did costello say?


tRb: see?  this is why we need our own TV show. I should at least start posting these conversations on my blog.

tPA: you should! the bishop conversation from a couple of days ago was classic.

tRb: I think i might do that with this one 🙂 Do you have that saved in your archives?

tPA: no, unforutanately.  no archives for AIM.

tRb: darn it

tPA: i do recall making some very non-atheist comments.  LOL



Stay tuned for next week’s “Conversations with my Personal Athiest” when we will (hopefully!) discuss a better title for this segment. 😛

Until next time, pee hee!



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