Exciting news from the North, eh?

22 06 2007

Bishop Fred Hiltz is elected Primate of Canada

I am sure he will make a fine Primate.  I understand that he is progressive and that he’ll continue to work towards a fully inclusive Church.  The election was really really close …. on the third ballot, it was pretty much a tie between him and Victoria Matthews.  The Personal Atheist is quoted as saying earlier today “Canada hasn’t been this exciting in years! :-p ”

I have to admit, I was kind of rooting for Victoria, though I fully admit for shallow reasons. I don’t know too much about her other than she is supposedly theologically rather conservative compared to Hiltz and that she was theologically orthodox on matters such as the Divinity of Christ, and so on.  I’m sure she would have been more than a match for the secessionists as well as the Primatial Bullies.  I also think it would be cool for North America to have the first two female Primates.  

Yet, there’s also a certain, um, kinship matter which i had to check with my sister.

It’s always interesting to see what these ecclesiastical types like to do in their spare time, so I checked up on what her bio had to say, as well as what the Anglican Journal quoted her as saying when asked “What’s in your General Synod Survival Kit?”

From the bio: “Never married, no children, one large dog.”


From Anglican Journal:  “A bag of Macintosh Apples, some granola bars, cold FX, instant coffee, hand cream and bath crystals.”


<whistles innocently>

I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin!!  If my sister wants to confirm that my suspicions are correct as her radar is more attuned to women than mine, she certainly may. 

Vicky was also on record as being enthusiastic about the election of our own Presiding Bishop, +Katherine Jefferts-Schori, and I’m sure they would have enjoyed working together.  Vicky could have even helped +KJS with some hair-styling tips.

There, I said it. 

I have the greatest respect for +Katherine, and I think she is the right one for the job in The Episcopal Church, but that respect and admiration was given grudingly, mostly in part due to her hair.  The personal atheist and I still refer to her with all affection as Q-tip lady.  When she was elected, I said, “I’m sorry, but as a gay man, it is hard for me to have respect for someone who has bad hair.”  But she won me over.

Yes, I can be that shallow.  No, I don’t like it. It is a mark of my brokenness before Christ (cue Amazing Grace or Just As I Am) that I can admit it and a mark of her leadership, skill and vocation that it has been overcome.

But, she’ll always be q-tip lady to me. 

In any event, we welcome the news of the election of the Primate of Canada. 🙂

Pass the Molson, eh?




One response

22 06 2007
Sista girl

Upon further discussing the matter of Madam Victoria with my esteemed roommate, it was determined she was asexual…BUT…consenus was if she WERE going to ahhh… …it’d be with a lady.

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