Conversations with the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist — Episode 2

17 07 2007

Today the Reverend boy and His Personal Atheist discuss the general malaise of the United States, titles of bishops, the iPhone craze, and antidisestablishmentarianism.


Every now and again, my Personal Atheist sends me quotes from various “overheard” sites and we comment on them a la Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show.  One such exchange is below.  Because we both have ADD and can switch gears in conversation on a dime we immediately started talking about something else, such as the titles of bishops.

Personal Atheist:  Overhead on the street:

PA: Teacher-in-training #1: Did you know Alaska isn’t an island?Teacher-in-training #2: Um… Yes…Teacher-in-training #1: Oh. ‘Cause I just found out yesterday.—Lansing, Michigan

the Reverend boy: there is no hope for this country. None at all

PA: i know.  LOL

Rb: <sings> “O Canada … “

Rb: God save the Queen!

PA: i was going to suggest that.

Rb: Long Live the Reverend boy :-p

Rb: you know if i got to be Presiding Bishop or Archbishop I would be the Most Reverend boy?

PA: you already are in my books.

Rb: awww

Rb: If I were Dean of a cathedral, I’d be the Very Reverend boy. :-p

Rb: i told both of those to one of the beta twins, and he said “LOL.  Oh, Lord..” and i replied (expectedly) “Yes my boy?”

PA: 🙂


The Personal Atheist has bought an iPhone, much to my chagrin.  For the record, I think it’s a nifty gadget, and quite pretty after a fashion, but I can’t see spending so much money on a phone that can’t make phone calls with good reception.  To quote Carol Burnett, “well, it’s pretty, but it doesn’t answer my question.” 

PA: 90% of people who bought the iPhone are very happy with it.

Rb: most people are very happy when their toys are new

PA: well, it’s been 2 weeks, so if there were problems, some people would hate it by now

Rb: that would be the 10%

PA: i mean problems for some. Or disappointment.

PA: i think the 90% number says a lot.

Rb: yes it does

PA: i’m sure it will go down in time. and part of it is due to the psychological effect of the price (you tend to like things that you pay a lot for).

Rb: how many people have bought it?  

PA: about 1 million, i’d guess.

Rb: so we have about 1million people who have spent a lot of money on a phone which can’t make a decent phone call. 


Finally, we were discussing my spiritual autobiography, which I believe is required of all aspirants (there’s the title of a religious porn magazine if there ever was one!) to the Episcopal Church, not just in my diocese.  Now, I think I’ve lived quite a full life, so the biography which went about 9 pages.  Imagine my horror when it was required that it be no more than 5 pages, 1 inch margins, and in Times New Roman 12pt font. So after a few days of trying to edit it down and have it make sense …..

Rb: My biography is just going to have to be a few lines longer than 5 pages. I just can’t trim it any more unless i do things like cheat and have some really long paragraphs :-p  

PA:: use shorter words.

Rb: Like disestablishmentarianism or antidisestablishmentarianism

PA: 😀

PA: the amazing thing is that you could actually use those in a sentence!

PA: i’ve decided to identify as counterantidisestablishmentarianistic.

Rb: LOL!

PA: that should get me into the guiness book of records.

Rb: or smacked in the head or a puzzled look or a pint of beer depending on who’s in the pub at the time :-p

PA: 🙂


And so ends this episode the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist.   Until next time, pee hee!



4 responses

17 07 2007
Personal Atheist

For the record: my iPhone does make decent calls. It’s just as good as my old phone, if not better. The only downside is the battery life: I get 2-3 days on one charge, as opposed to 4-5 on my old phone. But then I use it much more extensively (as an iPod, to read my mail and to surf the web).


The Personal Atheist.

17 07 2007
Reverend boy

I will agree that the iPhone does have its uses. For example, I was walking past a store the other day that was just opening, and it had a sign that said “visit us at www, etc.” I thought to myself, “if I had an iPhone, I could just look it up and find out more about that store.” So, the iPhone IS sort of like a “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” All it needs is a thumb.

If I could get the iPhone without the phone function (ie, just have it for internet) then I might consider it.

But STILL …. $600 for a phone?!??! give me Ma bell, or give me a break.

17 07 2007

Mostly tangential question: What exactly do you put into a spiritual autobiography? And did you find it difficult or frightening to write?

Okay, that’s two questions. Humor me, please. 😉

17 07 2007
Reverend boy

Hi Jarred,

Always glad to answer anything if I can … 🙂

The Spiritual Autobiography basically describes your spiritual life through the years, your faith, what shaped it, and your relationship with God. In the case of being an aspirant to Holy Orders (aka the Priesthood or the Ministry) you would also write about your sense of calling, when you first felt it, and how you see yourself in the ministry.

Was it difficult or frightening to write? Not really, but it DID take a lot of time, and I was VERY conscientious of the number of people who were reading it (my rector, the Discernment Committee, the Vestry, the bishop, the Commission on Ministry, etc.) and you’re basically opening yourself up to a lot of people who you haven’t met.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.



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