Where on Earth Have I Been?

17 07 2007

OK, so I have been very very guilty of neglecting this blog … It’s been quite a busy few weeks for me …

I spent a few days with SIR at the place where he’s working over the summer, which was really nice.  We hadn’t seen each other in a month, and I tell you it was quite a reunion!  It took me a few days before I had fully recovered from the experience ;-).  It’s been just about a year since SIR and I first met, so when he was home last week we had a nice talk about what we’ve done, where we’re going and all that, and it all turned out very very positive.

For the first time in very long time, Im really really REALLY happy with everything going on.

Except my day job.

But, that’s another story altogether. 

However, the job allows me a nice standard of living and something to do during the day so I don’t get too bored … or into trouble.

Oh, and it pays the rent, too.

The other big thing that has been going on is that I received my application package from the diocese, so I’ve been working on that.  I’ve been on mandatory shrink appointments, got a complete (and i mean COMPLETE) physical, had a personality test, and IQ test, and basically been mentally and physically poked and prodded every which a way.  My favourite questions I was asked on the personality test included “Are you now or have you ever been possessed by evil spirits?” followed by “Do you feel that you are called by God to have a certain mission in life?” in addition to “Do you enjoy being hurt by the ones you love?” and “Do you enjoy hurting the one’s you love?” I, of course, answered “no” to all of them except the “called by God” one. 

And in case anyone is interested, the shrink said I was “very smart” and “very complex.”

I sent the official application off to the diocese, which included my resume, a list of the different churches i’ve attended, my spiritual autobiography, my “leadership history” in both the secular and ecclesial world  (SIR just LOVES the way I say “ecclesial” by the way) ,  a behavioural questionnaire, two recent passport sized photographs and a partridge in a pear tree.

So, as you can see, there’s all sorts of things that have been consuming me in addition to the normal summer activities such as being outdoors, bike rides, parties, etc.  With my application off to the diocese I should have a lot more time for blogging and spreading the wisdom of the Reverend boy.



2 responses

17 07 2007

I’m glad to hear everything’s going so well!

I do hope you get back to posting more often, though.

17 07 2007
Reverend boy

Thanks Jarred! It certainly was quite a busy time for a while there, but I should be able to post more.

Thanks again for the well-wishes.


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