Discernment Update

9 08 2007

Earlier this week I met with the Canon for Ministry for the diocese.  We talked about all sorts of things, from who were/are my most influential role models  to how was I planning to finance my seminary education. 

Next steps are as follows:  Once the background check and the psychological evaluations are completed, shortly after Labour Day the bishop will review my file and then should he approve, I will start a series of one-on-one meetings with members from the Commission on Ministry.  So … assuming all goes well, i’ll attend what they call a discernment conference in mid-to-late January where I should get a near-final answer.

I was told I could start looking at seminaries, but with the understanding that where i go is a decision that is made in consultation with the bishop, and also assuming that i get admitted as a postulant in the diocese.  After downloading a few applications, what did i find?  Yet MORE 3-5 page ESSAYS to write which are different than what i’ve already done!  Blogging will continue to be light through Labour Day as a result but do feel free to pop in and say hello.  My personal atheist will make sure that i’m not totally absent. 🙂

One interesting thing that was asked during the meeting was she wanted me to describe what i felt was a passage from the Bible or the Prayer Book or something appropriate which would describe my sense of calling … I thought for a minute and chose this one from John … Jesus says to the disciples (and to the whole Church, for that matter) “You did not choose me, but I chose you. I  appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.”  That’s always resonated with me, even as a kid. 

So many people spend a lot of time looking and searching for God, or a connection with something bigger than themselves.  I can only be in awe as the Bible tells us the story about how it was God that was looking for us and calling us all along.



2 responses

12 08 2007
Bob G

Oh, just wait, you will be so sick of writing about “why I think I’m called…” or “this is how I got to this point…” or some such thing.

It’s all good, actually, even if tedious and repetitious. Every time I had to write such a thing it challenged me to think again about why I was doing this and whether it was just me or truly God leading me.

I never understood this thing called a “Call.” It seems that from moment to moment in the whole process, I simply went and did as I sensed (discerned) what God wanted me to do next. What more could I do? Writing again and again, ugh, helped wade through all that.

28 08 2007

I didn’t know the US had gone to the British spelling of “Labour!” 😉

Good luck with everything!

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