News, news, and more news …

13 09 2007

If anyone doesn’t keep up with The Living Church, they really should … They have great scoops, and more than once have reported stories on The Current Unpleaseantness quicker than others.  They do tend to have a center-right look on life, in my opinion, but I have found them to be rather balanced in their reporting.  I mean really balanced and not in the Fox News (aka Faux News) sense of the word!

Here’s some links to some interesting stories, some of which have been commented on by Father Jake and The Lead.

Modified Primatial Vicar Plan — (see, i TOLD you q-tip lady would have something up her sleeve!)

Bishop Robinson: I Heard God’s Voice in Scripture — which give some insight into histheology and spiritual life other than being “the gay bishop.”




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