House of Bishops Tea-Hee party — New Orleans update

23 09 2007

On Friday, the Archbishop of Canterbury, led a press conference to give a recap of the past day and a half. His opening remarks may be found here, and the accompanying press release from Episcopal News Service may be found here. The last bit of the ++Rowan’s remarks are the meat of his statement, which are below (emphasis mine)

Despite what has been claimed, there is no “ultimatum” involved. The Primates asked for a response by September 30 simply because we were aware that this was the meeting of the House likely to be formulating such a response. The ACC and Primates Joint Standing Committee will be reading and digesting what the bishops have to say, and will let me know their thoughts on it early next week. After this I shall be sharing what they say, along with my own assessments, with the Primates and others, inviting their advice in the next couple of weeks. I hope these days will result in a constructive and fresh way forward for all of us.

Now, i don’t know about everyone else, but I think the common perception about the communique from Dar es Salaam is that it has been spun into an ultimatum from day one by All Parties Involved. If it were not meant to be seen as such, that small point should have been clarified long before now.

I do like ++Rowan’s choice of words, “fresh way forward.” There has been enough compromise, enough weeping and gnashing of teeth. Let’s all recognize the bonds we share by virtue of our baptismal covenant instead of vilifying each other, no matter how much it may be deserved. Hopefully after doing some honest work together, and spending some time in the worshipping communities in New Orleans, our bishops can come together with a bit more perspective to hash out their mind of the house resolution on Monday/Tuesday.

I wonder who divvied up the work assignments, and if ++Katherine were shrewd enough to put those on opposite sides of the aisle together on the same party for the day.

It is common enough knowledge that four of our bishops chose to leave the meeting upon the Archbishop’s departure and head straight to their own “shadow meeting” with other episcopal representatives of their “Common Cause” partnerships. It says a lot about their character and integrity, as well as the degree to which their hearts have been hardened, that they were not willing to postpone their departure for the sake of doing some honest mission work.

Now off to brunch with my Personal Atheist…




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