Taking on the House of Bishops — Reverend boy style

24 09 2007

Today on teaheepeehee, the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist will take on the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans. ….

the Reverend boy: the House of Bishops has closed its doors to their meetings today. It was originally scheduled to be open, I thought. I’ve also learned through the blogs the two liberal archbishops (Wales and Australia) visiting with ++Rowan were more stern than what the House was expecting. I’m checking with my source, who is on the scene New Orleans.

Personal Atheist : interesting.

PA: i think *Beefeater gets back this afternoon.

Rb: oh ok cool

Rb: i want him to see my video with the naked sock puppets

PA: 😀

Rb: Two liberals and two moderates are drafting a mind of the House resolution and are being advised by some of the Communion’s officials, according to the Guardian

PA: “a mind”?

Rb: it says “this is what we think right now”

Rb: it’s a statement of general consensus voted on by the majority of bishops present

PA: and what will it be?

Rb: anyone’s guess

Rb: because of the apparently severe talking to they apparently received on Thursday and Friday from some of their more influential allies, i am sure great concessions will be made

Rb: like i said, i think q-tip lady is going to have to pay a price for the episcopal visitor thing

Rb: there was a small consensus being circled around from not going to the tea party at all that ++Rowan is hosting next year (this is the one where +Gene wasn’t invited). The idea was that entire church, conservative, liberal, etc. refrain from attending

Rb: i said in response on someone’s blog <ahem>

Rb: The House of Bishops absenting itself from Lambeth 2008 seems, in my mind, like a senseless martyrdom, and it would ultimately have the opposite effect of what was intended. If we as a Church really are committed to the larger Communion, then it is our responsibility to engage.

Rb: in other news the House of Bishops choir (with spouses!) are recording a CD for release at Christmas 2008

Rb: this is also the anniversary of the first all-bishop tea party, held in 1867.

PA: 🙂

Rb: the Archbishop of South Africa made his retirement speech over the weekend. One of the first lines was “Thank you for putting up with me.”


<later that day>

Rb: the House of Bishops meeting has been opeend to the press.

Rb: All of the bishops are wearing prayer shawls that have been knitted by lovely women as gifts for their deliberations

PA: prayer shawls??? i didn’t think christians did that.

PA: and who are the lovely women? why no handsome gay men???

Rb: the bishops are all wrapped in prayer shawls apparently

Rb: According to Stand Firm, it seems some of the more moderate conservatives seem to are now saying that Robinson should attend the tea party by virtue of the fact he is a brother bishop, regardless of disagreement.

PA: nice.

Rb: about 2/3rd of the house have been meeting informally between sessions (and over happy hour) to try and hammer out a deal

Rb: almost 60 of the 100 or so present

PA: NOLA has 24 hour drinking. i’m sure they’ll hammer out a very interesting deal…

Rb: they’ll be dancing around in their prayer shawls on Bourbon Street

PA: maybe they’ll wear their prayer shawls and nothing else.

Rb: uh … yeah … however, the draft statement that came out of the House of Bishops open session is basically a watered down reiteration of what has happened before

PA: boring.

Rb: yeah

Rb: my blog is more exciting

PA: of course!

PA: it has naked sock puppets.

Rb: 😀

Rb: I should post this conversation

Rb: “the Reverend boy and his Personal Athiest take on the Episcopal Church House of Bishops”

PA: and naked sock puppets!

Rb: yes



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