Giving it up for good — cigarettes, that is.

27 09 2007

I have smoked cigarettes off and on (mostly on) since I was 19 years old. Why now? Why today? I am tired of it, mostly. And it’s expensive. And all sorts of other reasons.

I’ve tried before (the Personal Atheist and Sista Girl know how many times I’ve tried). But this time, i’m not trying.

I’m done.

I’m just glad i never smoked in my apartment so i don’t have to come home to the smell or have it in my clothes.



2 responses

28 09 2007

How many years is that then? Anyway, good for you. I hope you manage it this time. Been there and its not easy.


28 09 2007
Reverend boy

Hey DP

I am 33 now, so that makes it 14 years. Am now on Day 2 …

Thanks for dropping in with the encouragement! I’m adding you to my blogroll. Any friend of the Mad Priest is a friend of mine!

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