A new blog and a new friend

29 09 2007

If you haven’t met him yet, please step over to the Doorman-Priest, another gentleman on the road for ordination, this time in the Lutheran Church in the UK.  I have been very pleased to make his acquaintance, and i hope that his blog blesses you as much as it has already blessed me.  We met by way of the Mad Priest, and any friend of the Mad Priest is a friend of mine!

Also, my very good friend Marshall Montgomery of the blog Communion in Conflict has asked started up a discussion blog on conflict in the church. It is called the Seminar of Conflict Ecclesiology. The hope is that it will form a discussion group for those on every side of the aisle in the Anglican/Episcopalian world and to foster a community of inquiry centered on the theses of Conflict Ecclesiology. While I am not fit to turn the pages of the books of the mind belonging to the likes of Marshall or the others he has invited to spread the word (such as Tobias Haller and Kendall Harmon), I am flattered I was on the “A-list” of invitees to spread the word about this forum. Please pay him a visit.



One response

30 09 2007

Deeply touched – nay overwhelmed!

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