The lighter side …

21 10 2007

My father sent me the following cartoons by email on Friday which brought a nice chuckle.

Sista girl and I receive these cute little cartoons from him on occasion.  It gives me great joy to know that my father is still a bit of a kid at heart who goes straight for the comics in the Sunday paper.  Reading the Sunday comics first is a tradition that was instilled in me from when I was a wee little boy, and I am proud to continue it.

Dad also sent this one, which I shared with my Personal Atheist, who is Israeli


I’ll probably start sharing more things Dad sends along.




3 responses

22 10 2007

I love the second one!

22 10 2007

I like it best too.

I had a mad moment on Saturday. I soooo nearly bought a cheap flight to join you for the M.P. appreciation society meeting on Monday. Then sanity took over (I live in Leeds, he lives in Newcastle : 1 – 2 hours on motorway) but I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Your do looked so much fun!¬Grrrrrr

Another time.


3 11 2007

Hilarious! Good to see that there are more NYC GCN’ers around.

– Bryan (BLW)

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