the Reverend boy holds court

23 10 2007

I dare say that I look like I’m hogging the limelight, or even better, holding court!

I was fortunate enough to attend the gathering of the Mad Priest‘s followers/subscribers last night in New York City, where I live. I simply could NOT pass up the chance to shake hand’s with the indomitable Father Jake, “Doctor” Tobias Haller, the gorgeous and classy Grandmere Mimi, the sassy and adorable Eileen, Dennis, and Pseuopiskie, Allie and many many others who i simply cannot remember probably due in part to the 3 glasses of Cote du Rhone i had.

Before I got too carried away, Allie took a rather nice picture, which i am happy to share. I’m the one in the white shirt and just behind is none other than Elizabeth Kaeton, who despite what the Mad Priest might think is a LOVELY woman.

A couple of interesting snippets of conversation

EK: So, tell me, I love your accent where is it from?

Rb: At this point in the evening, it’s 3 parts North Carolina, 1 part Cote-du-Rhone.

She even asked ME (of all people!) to bless her dinner. I may have gone on a bit long (I was raised Baptist remember) but I was touched.

There was LOTS of great conversation to be had all around about all sorts of subjects. Truly an incarnational encounter! This is definitely something we should do again.



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23 10 2007

I was delighted to meet you, too, darling. Your spirituality is deep and obvious to anyone who is in your presence. Why would I not ask you to bless my meal? Oh, and I can attest to the fact that there was absolutley no slur to your charming southern lilt.

I’m sorry about your job situation, but I just know something absolutely wonderful is right around the corner for you. You have it written all over your face.

Be well. God’s peace.

23 10 2007

What Elizabeth said. (((((Revboy)))) It was fantastic to meet you. I’m really glad you were able to make it over to join that marvelous crazy group of Mad Ones.

24 10 2007

So…about the beard?

24 10 2007
Reverend boy

LOL …. The beard didn’t work out at all! My facial hair grows in very splotchy. Even at 33, I don’t have to shave except every other day or so. Sometimes i will have something going on similar to what you have, DP something like a half-goatee), but after a few days i start to look like Shaggy from the Scooby doo cartoons, so it usually comes off. The long side-burns seem to work so i’m going to keep them.

Ah, male vanity!

24 10 2007
Grandmère Mimi

Rev Boy, I loved meeting you on Tuesday. I wanted to take you home with me, but I did not ask, because I just knew you wouldn’t come.

Watch it there, love, all the ladies and gents take to you.

24 10 2007
Reverend boy

{{{{MIMI!}}}} I loved meeting you too!

Now, if i can just stop blushing!!!

24 10 2007

I always liked Shaggy best.


24 10 2007

Okay, i admit it. i’m both happy and jealous that so many of my favorite bloggers were able to meet. Wish i could have been there too, but New Mexico’s a long commute from NYC.

BTW, Revboy, i just knew you were a charming cutie! Glad to see that the pix & reports from others confirm it.

24 10 2007

Scott….the dude is HOT I tell you! HOT! (He was giving me the vapors…)

You cannot be 33! You don’t look a day over 25…Cute and young looking.

LOL at Shaggy beard. My brother is like that too. Doesn’t have good facial hair.

28 10 2007

It was great to meet you!

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