13 11 2007

I am pleased to announce that Integrity currently has Chapter-in-formation in the Diocese of New York.  Many may be surprised to know that there wasn’t a chapter until recently.


We had our first event earlier in the season when all sorts and conditions of folks — lay, clergy, GLBT and straight — showed up to express interest. Representatives were from parishes all across the diocese, even those in parts of upstate NY. There was a very nice turnout from those were not even born when Integrity was founded!

The goal is to be a good mix of community building and activism, with a big emphasis on sharing, networking and caring for each other, exchanging ideas … in short, doing our bit to build the Kingdom of God and having a blast while doing it!

If you would like to be on the email distribution list for events, parties, happenings, etc., please email … do tell them the Reverend boy sent you 😉



6 responses

14 11 2007
"That Kaeton Woman"

Mazel Tov, darling. I hope this incarnation is healthier and stronger than at the end of its last manifestation. I’ve sent the info to my friends at The Oasis. “Start spreading the news . . . “

14 11 2007

Good news. I was familiar with the earlier version, which had its ups and downs…

14 11 2007
Reverend boy

Thanks for the support folks! We have a great energy so far … Rumour has it that the “convenor” of the chapter for the next 6-8 months has known to make infallible statements with a corkscrew on occasion.

14 11 2007
Grandmère Mimi

I wish the group well,Rev Boy.

17 11 2007

Yes, what Mimi said! Go for it.


22 11 2007

Beg pardon. A minor technicality, perhaps, but Dutchess and Ulster counties are within the Diocese of New York, and have been served, by degrees waxing and waning and now waxing again, since around 1988, by Dignity-Integrity/Mid-Hudson []. We wish you well as you reestablish Integrity in the southernmost region of the diocese!

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