Quote of the Day — from the NYTimes

25 11 2007

You have to be a little odd to follow Jesus.

—Rev. Katrina D. Foster, Pastor of Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Bronx

Truer words have never been spoken. A link to the article can be found here. I especially like the chorus of “Amens” which followed that proclamation in that statement, given in a sermon.



8 responses

25 11 2007

Well, that’s reassuring: I’m pretty odd!


25 11 2007
Reverend boy

It’s always nice to know that God likes to surround himself with interesting people. Heaven would be pretty boring if it were full of normal folks.

25 11 2007
"That Kaeton Woman"

A monk on retreat once said to me, just before the Great Silence: “If heaven ain’t fun, I ain’t goin’.” I never did ask him what he thought the alternative might be. I suppose, either way, it would be hell.

25 11 2007
Pisco Sours

A little odd? Heck, when I started going to church, I was convinced for a while it was the beginning of an incipient brain tumor. Seriously.

27 11 2007
Grandmère Mimi

True, so very true – except for me, of course. I’m perfectly normal, myself.

28 11 2007

True — true. Since the word “queer” is no longer available for this use, I’m just fine with “odd”.

I’ll vouch for Grandmère’s normalcy. I am the arbiter of such things.

28 11 2007

I’m odd.

And Mimi is too Odd.

Don’t listen to KJ…what does he know? He’s odd too!

28 11 2007

That’s so true.

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