Changing the Church by being Incarnational

13 12 2007


Our iNYC event last night was a HUGE HUGE HUGE success. We had 57 RSVPs and now have the blessed problem of outgrowing the space we’ve been using. In a few short months, we’ve grown from “3 guys and an email address” to a distribution list of 70+ people. I’m presently the convenor of the organization and presided over the “Meeting” portion of the event … i have to say, i’m a FABULOUS emcee and worked the room quite well.

I was personally blessed that my own personal peanut gallery (SIR, Beefeater and Sista girl) went to lend their support and got to see me totally “in my element” and working the crowd. My good friend Christian (his blog is Couchstalker .. see blogroll) also stopped by towards the end of the meeting to check it out.

Jacob, our host for the evening, shared with us a brief, perhaps unexpected experience he ad as a participant in the Anglican Communion’s “listening process” at St Paul’s Anglican Seminary in Limuru, Kenya. Neil Houghton, Integrity’s VP for the Northeast came all the way from Rochester to lend his support and express his gratitude for our presence in the Diocese of New York. John Gibson also gave us an update on National Concerns, specifically about the news in the Diocese of San Joaquin and the faithful remnant there.

The main medium of meetings for now while we get organized will be through social and buzz events. We envision ourselves as an organic group with no real hard and fast hierarchical structure. It’s all about having fun, and being Incarnational. The forward will be discerned through prayer, brainstorming, networking, hands-on collaborative efforts … and of course, cocktails πŸ™‚

There are some ideas in the works. For instance, we’re going to have a “Parish Crawl” where we basically invade a few parishes on a Sunday and spend time with the congregation during the post-service coffee hour, perhaps even in those parishes where we might not be as welcome (!). We also want to have a presence in the AIDS walk in May and the Pride Parade in June. Again, our big focus is to be present and Incarnational witnesses of God’s love, and most importantly to increase our membership. It is our hope that we would have at least one member in every parish in the diocese.

We are totally running off Gamaliel’s principle here …. “If this is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them!” (Acts 5)

I closed the meeting with some prayer liturgy and we offered up some intercession … we prayed for the Diocese of San Joaquin and also that the Church will one day bless our relationships with the same enthusiasm and legitimacy as it blesses our pets. πŸ˜‰

The closing collect was …

Almighty, everlasting God, let our prayer in your sight be as incense, the lifting up of our hands as the evening sacrifice. Give us grace to behold you, present in your Word and Sacraments, and to recognize you in the lives of those around us. Stir up in us the flame of that love which burned in the heart of your Son as he bore his passion, and let it burn in us to eternal life and to the ages of ages. Amen.



6 responses

13 12 2007
Pisco Sours

And may you all rise, and rise, and rise!

13 12 2007

It was indeed inspirational to see such a successful meeting.

Kudos to you for your fine efforts!

13 12 2007

How wonderful! iNYC’s growth is amazing. πŸ™‚ What a blessing!

14 12 2007

You’re a wonderful M.C and worked the room well.

But of course. Who would have doubted it?

14 12 2007

(((RevBoy))) Sounds like a fab event! Many blessings as you become more fully the face of Christ among us.

14 12 2007
Reverend boy

AWWWW Eileen … HUGS and KISSES to you, too! What a sweet thing to say. Thank you. DP, as usual you flatter me way too much.

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