Christmas and New Years Roundup

28 12 2007

What a whirlwind of a few days! It’s been like one non-stop party after another …

Saturday: Get together with friends at a bar, which turned into its usual silliness and mischief making any time SIR and i go out … needless to say i feel asleep when the sun was coming up …

Sunday: Detox brunch (meaning wine, fruit and yogurt at a cafe), then wine & cheese soiree post evening service at my parish, Immaculate Contraption

Christmas Eve: Last minute shopping (would you believe how hard it is to find an inflatable sheep in NYC?) then met up with SIR, who took me to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall as i had never been, which was truly awesome and fun to see. We then meandered through the throngs and throngs and THRONGS of people around Rockefeller Center before going to drinks and dinner with a friend of his. Exchanged gifts. My Personal Atheist got SIR a DVD video of me singing “Son of a Preacher Man” at Karaoke in Key West … SIR always is happy to get his hands on blackmail material. the Reverend boy was hiding under the piano in mortification.

Christmas Day: (DEEP BREATH) — Off to Immaculate Contraption for the Christmas Day service where I was crucifer, lector, intercessor, altar guild and chalice bearer….did everything but preached and celebrated the Eucharist. …. quickly wolfed down a BLT and headed over to a party with SIR for an hour or so, followed by the Big Apple Circus and then big dinner, and of course, more drinks.

My body is now saturated with Butter, Sugar, Salt, Caffeine and Alcohol in very liberal quantities…..

Wed, i went back to work…working half days this week. Later that night, went to another party with the innocuous name “SPIT,” this time by myself as SIR escaped NY to go to his other residence in Florida….ran into the Personal Atheist and his boyfriend, Jacques Welk (named because he can play the accordian and likes songs of French angst)…more merrymaking and mischeivousness involved … arrived back home at 330am.

I think i’m going to just lay low for a few days …. blogging will be light for a week or so. Off to FL to join SIR for New Years then off to Washington, DC to take part in a conference of gay Christians which i’ve blogged about where i get to meet the famous Pisco and reunite with my good friend Charlie Brown (his real name!) from London….should be back in NYC with computer access on Jan 6, 2008.

If there are any incriminating photos, please rest assured they will be shared in due course.



5 responses

28 12 2007

Lay low or fall into a minor coma?! Man, you’ve had a busy week!

28 12 2007
Reverend boy

A little bit of both!

28 12 2007
Grandmère Mimi

My heart breaks for you, RB. Life is hard. We’ll try to hold up during your absence.

Happy New Year!

29 12 2007

HNY to you too. I have to tell you, you are just an amateur when it comes to celebrating!

7 09 2009

Well, there. I figured it was time I made an appearance on here 🙂

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