Gay Christian Conference Day 0

3 01 2008

Yesterday I arrived in DC a day early for the annual conference.  I had a very nice reunion with my good friend Charlie Brown from London, a kindred spirit if there ever was one.

I also caught up with none other than Pisco for dinner.  He was good enough to meet me at the hotel, helped me navigate the DC Metro and we went to dinner at this wonderful tapas place in downtown DC.  Pisco is an amazing individual and a PERFECT gentleman.  I am very proud to know this man.  After a bottle of wine and some yummy yummy dinner, we went to Remington’s in the hopes of meeting up with Charlie Brown, who wanted to see real gay men two-stepping.  At Remington’s we found grown gay men and their admirer’s two stepping and line dancing to Cher and Julie Andrews. 

I didn’t know whether to be appalled or amused.

Pisco went home as he had to work today and I stayed to wait for Charlie to show up.  He did not.  Needless to say, he found his flock of early conference arrivals and had set up his usual speakeasy in his room, which was conveniently located next to mine.  I returned to the hotel and promptly rang Charlie to borrow a cup of sugar.  He didn’t have any sugar, but he DID have some Ketel One vodka and tonic he was happy to share, as well as sharing all the cute and friendly guys in his room (I mean share in a platonic sense of course).

Also in his room were quite a few conference goers and a gay ole’ time was had by all.

We went to our respective rooms at around 130am or so.

Don’t you wish General Convention updates were this much fun?



4 responses

4 01 2008

Now you behave, mind, and send greetings to Pisco and ask him why he never visits my blog!

4 01 2008

Sounds absolutely wonderful. And I’m still jealous that you and Pisco got to meet each other.

I look forward to reading more about your time in D.C.

4 01 2008

Glad to read that you’ve made it to the GCN conference, and that you got to have dinner with Pisco!

And the provisions of your friend Charlie: vodka & tonic, a man after my own heart. Have a great time during the conference!!!

4 01 2008
Reverend boy

Misbehave? Me? MOI? Perish the thought … 😉 I will say that all of the troublemakers and instigators just happen to congregate together …

This conference is like a love fest….Hundreds of gay Christians and our supporters….We’ve taken over like 75% of the hotel. The staff doesn’t know what hit them!

Scott, I will send along your regards to Charlie, who just so happens to share a few of our common interests. DP, I’ll send along your regards to Pisco. Jared, thanks for the well wishes.

More later!

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