Queer Communion, Queer Epiphany

7 01 2008

Prior to the conference, I posted about how unity was still elusive among GLBT Christians because they were not going to have a Communion Service at the end of the conference because it was potentially very divisive. After an initial rant, i made the following observation in the comments …

If nothing, I am ever optimistic for the future. The fact that GCN actually exists and that a conference of this nature takes place is a HUGE HUGE thing in its own right, and we all should be grateful for it.

I’m also a big proponent of the idea that we should throw a party, invite everyone and if the guests can’t deal with the guest list or the way the party is put on, that’s their problem. In other words, the important thing is to have one (it IS a feast day on a SUNDAY, HELLO!) and the guest list can sort itself out.

Well, guess what?

During the session on Sunday, there was lots of music (hymns and contemporary pieces), lots of thanks to everyone, and finally …. Communion.

The speaker who introduced the concept to the group was very sensitive to the various theologies behind the Eucharist, but also emphasized that Communion was a gift from God. We are one in Christ.

And nearly everyone in the group of 250+ GLBT Christians and their straight supporters came forward to partake.

No words of insitution

No epiclesis

But I can tell you from the Spirit in that conference room that Christ was present in a very special way.

But for one moment in time, we knew and experienced what it was like to be the Body of Christ in its fullness: Roman, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran and Evangelical…. Staight, gay, bisexual and transgendered … all united in Christ’s body and blood.

We are the Body of the Christ … given the gift of Communion with each other and those who have gone before.

How about them apples?

Like i said earlier, the conference was a taste of heaven … sharing and fellowshipping and embracing each other in God’s all inclusive love and mercy and grace.



5 responses

8 01 2008


8 01 2008
Reverend boy

Very fitting that this happened on Epiphany, indeed!

9 01 2008

Signs of grace.

10 01 2008

Totally off topic, but I tagged you with a meme.

13 01 2008

About the time I going to give on the GCN, I read something like this and think, “Well, there is hope … slim though it maybe.” I just don’t get them …

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