Conversations with the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist

14 01 2008

After a long hiatus, the Reverend boy and his Personal Atheist discuss the US politics and the latest Anglican happenings…

the Reverend boy: the fact that the two top presidential contenders for the Democratic ticket are not white men is a big deal

Personal Atheist: yes, major big deal … and current polls show them both beating any possible republican….of course, those polls are meaningless this far from the election… but it’s an indicator.

Rb: It gives me a lot of hope, though 🙂

PA: me too….either of them would be a HUGE improvement to what we have now….even mccain would be an improvement.

Rb: In other news, the deposed Anglican Bishop of Harare (Zimbabwe) has basically declared he is his own church and he is calling it the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe (hat tip to the Mad Priest)
PA: ugh
Rb: this is taking what the schismatics are doing to the nth degree
PA: yeah … but he was deposed for a reason other than the usual schismatic issue, no?
Rb: it was more like corruption (bedfellows with the corrupt secular government) and slandering his fellow bishops in the Anglican Province of Central Africa….FYI, he is NOT invited to the Lambeth tea party in July i don’t think…The Anglican Communion Office has issued a response:

The situation with respect to the Anglican Church in Harare is a matter of grave concern to all in the Anglican Communion. Bishop Kunonga’s close ties with President Robert Mugabe is of deep concern to many and the resort to violent disruption has been widely deplored.

His unilateral actions with respect to the Diocese of Harare and his own status within the Province of Central Africa are, to say the least, questionable and have brought embarrassment to many. Above all, I am concerned for the well-being of faithful Anglicans who seek to practice their faith in peace and free from violence.

We assure Bishop Sebastian Bakare of our prayerful support in this difficult situation, and it is my firm hope that the Province of Central Africa will be enabled to find a way forward at this anxious time.

Rb: So after all of that, Canterbury’s response to all of this is “this is a matter of grave concern to us all.”
PA: how very anglican.
Rb: the Reverend boy’s response to Canterbury is “No s*** Sherlock
PA: LOL .. indeed!



2 responses

14 01 2008

I think someone’s official title needs to be changed from “The Archbishop of Canterbury” to “Captain Obvious.”

14 01 2008

Still, you could be his own personal Dr. Watson. You’d look good in eyebrows!

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