Life update

19 01 2008

Back in the fall, I spoke about a particularly bad day.  I found out I was getting a bad performance review at my job, and the same day I received a letter from the diocese asking me to withdraw from the discernment process for a time. Some important updates have happened since then…

On the job front, right before Christmas when my compensation for the year had been settled (and more importantly, the check cleared!), I told my boss that I wanted to transfer to another department.   He agreed, and when I got back from vacation two weeks ago, I started interviewing for other positions in the firm.  I spoke to HR and said that regardless of what position I took, I wanted to “try it out” for a couple of weeks and if it didn’t work for whatever reason, I would go into the floating pool (which is kind of like temping but you are fully employed by the firm) until I found something that would be suitable, and they were agreeable.  After all, I have been with my firm for over 5 years and worked for my former boss for 4 of those years, and so they were willing to do what it took to keep me.

I am going to be taking a position in the Marketing/Investor Relations area of the firm where I’ll be supporting two people who help raise money for our Private Equity and Real Estate funds.  Though there will be a personal assistant-type component to the job, I’ll be responsible for doing other “real work” stuff as well that requires you to use your brain.  After a couple of weeks, if I like it (and just as important, they are happy with the quality of my work) I will stay with this group.   In the future, I will probably be attending group meetings to put in my two cents to help streamline the work flow and general how-we-get-things-done type of things.   Most importantly, it seems like a good environment, and I know some of the people in the group already, and I think it will be a very positive change.

On the discernment front, the diocese said they wanted me to get some leadership experience and they want me to see a therapist.  I have never been in therapy (except for the bar called therapy near my apartment), and the diocese likes all of their aspirants to have spent some time with a therapist on a regular basis.  On the leadership side, I’m running the new Integrity chapter in NYC, which is going well, and I have found a therapist whom I feel comfortable with and my health insurance will cover a good chunk of the cost.  I’m pulled back from some of my duties at my parish, Immaculate Contraption so I can focus more on iNYC.  I’m also in the market for a spiritual director I can see once a month or so and I believe I am close to finding one.  I’ll also be meeting with Immaculate Contraption’s discernment committee every month for a brief touch base.

The challenge, like all things in NYC, is maintaining a sense of balance between work, outside activities, and social life, as well as scheduling!

So, it’s all good things 🙂  2008 is off to a great start.  Lots of transition, but life is all about change isn’t it?



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19 01 2008

Now I do S.D. All you have to do is fly over here once a month…….

19 01 2008

….which would be very nice.

19 01 2008
Reverend boy

would that i could! i love the UK.

19 01 2008

YAY RB – Theses all sound like good positive changes! Bravo!

20 01 2008

I’m glad things are going so well. I hope the trend continues.

22 01 2008

Joy in the journey!

22 01 2008

Hi David,

vttomboy from GCN here. I am glad things are going well. I totally get the balancing life act. I too am getting leadership experience within my parish as part of the discernment process. I have much leadership experience, however, this will be more visible/more current for the committee. I will be leading a class/discussion about praying and the different “kinds” of prayer other than coporate worship.

Be well! Sarah

23 01 2008

RB –

These sound like good things, and I’m glad you’re sharing them. A SD is always important. General Seminary has several outside SDs on staff, or if you prefer, I can offer my services as well; I do a little on the side. I’m in NJ, just across the river, so we’re close.

A therapist is also a Good Thing. I thought it was a pain, too, when my bishop told all her postulants to get one. But she was right. If you end up not liking yours, I can recommend one or better yet, go through Kenwood Psychological Services. They’re excellent and work hard at both a good match and one that fits your insurance profile.


30 01 2008


Where are you … it has been too long since you checked in … okay?

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