New Blogs and New Friends

21 01 2008

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my blogroll ….

Please check out to the right ….

Ship of Fools and the Wittenberg Door, two satirical sites on all things Churchy. My personal favourites are the iBelieve ipod which can be found on Ship of Fools (you can listen to Black Sabbath during Church and look very pious while doing it!) and the New Years resolutions for televangelists in the WB.

I’m also adding some blogs from those i’ve corresponded with on GCN.

Yard[D]og, a fellow Episcopalian who lives out in LA, and the radical liberal I wish I dared to be. He and I also share some common interests. Hi Sir!

Non-Metaphysical Stephen,¬† who’s wisdom and intelligence always leaves me dumbfounded and surprised by joy.

Anthony over at Dancertm, an aspiring Deacon in The Episcopal Church who has a warm spirit and is good at reminding me of how comprehensive our faith is. Oh, and we also have some “common interests.”

And finally, we have Martin over at Homodox, who has very insightful posts on spirituality, everyday life, and is good at giving us reality checks (eg his post on Health).



4 responses

26 01 2008

I discovered the Wittenberg Door way back in the 80s, in its print form, of course. As I was a nice, evangelical boy, who didn’t quite fit in (understatement), it was like a breath of fresh air.

31 01 2008
non-metaphysical stephen

Oops! I thought I had added you to my blogroll when you posted this, but I just realized that I hadn’t. That’s been fixed! Sorry for the delay!

1 02 2008

I really like Yarddog. Its good to find another fan of body art, if nothing else!

1 02 2008

I really like Yarddog too. It’s good to find another fan of body-art if nothing else.

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