Counting blessings

31 03 2008

I am starting to become more aware of things going on internally … emotions, thought processes, etc.

One of the things I have become more aware of is a sense of anxiety and at times, feelings of “not being good enough” or at even, “almost but not quite.”   If I am not careful, it will turn into a depression of sorts and I’ll start to shut down.

Truth is, there really is no real reason I should be feeling or experiencing these things.  However, one thing I want to do is to be more appreciative of all the good things I have in life, so I thought it would be a good time to count my blessings, so to speak.  In no particular order ….

1)    I have a good job and work with nice people (plus overtime!).

2)    I have good prospects for the future.

3)    I have a great circle of friends (waves and hugs to my Personal Atheist especially)

4)    I have a SIR who cares a great deal about me

5)    I have met many wonderful people through blogging, especially the Doorman Priest and Grandmere Mimi, Eileen, Lizbeth, Tobias, Dennis, Jarred, Pisco and others too many to name (I’m sure I forgot someone)

This list is by no means exhaustive but these are the really important ones right now.   Stepping back from them a bit, i can’t help but notice that 4 out of 5 have to do with people and the various communities I’m a part of.   Interesting …

Well, before I start overanalyzing and overthinking, I’m just going to sit and and enjoy the blessings … 🙂  and with God’s help be a blessing to others.

Blogging for Doorman Priest

28 03 2008


Today I’m guest blogging over at the Doorman-Priest’s place while he’s at Vicar’s School.  As usual when religious people get together, I am sure there is much liquid refreshment.  I hope DP is being a very good influence (read:  influence of good whiskey) on his classmates.

Hallelujah Oak Ridge Boys Style!

24 03 2008

And now for something complete different ….

Remember to clap on the 2 and the 4 😉

Hallelujah! Singing Nun Style

24 03 2008

Here’s a group of nuns singing the Hallelujah Chorus a capella

Midnight in the Garden of Fashion …

24 03 2008

From my father …. the apocalypse of the fashion industry …