Integrity NYC update

6 03 2008

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Gosh, i’ve been busy lately! Things at the new job are going really well, and it’s kept me very busy, but out of trouble (mostly!)

One of the other things I do is act as convener of Integrity for the NYC Chapter in Formation (iNYC for short!) We’ve talked about a lot of great stuff over the past few months and I believe a lot of goods things are going come in the near future.

First off, after our initial gathering/reception to gauge interest in the group back in September, we sent a flyer into the hands of every delegate of to our Diocesan Convention, the text of which said ….

•We’re a new chapter-in-formation and we want to be a good mix of community building and activism, with a big emphasis on sharing, networking and caring for each other.
•If you want to get involved in helping your parish and the Diocese of New York minister to and with LGBT members…come and see.
•If you want to be part of a group that focuses on the full-inclusion of the LGBT faithful and welcomes straight friends…come and see.
•If you want to join in the work and joy of changing the church… come and see.

In December, we had another reception where we laid some groundwork for what we wanted to be about for the Spring. Some things that are in the works and coming into fruition have been …

In February, we sponsored an event with Other Sheep which spoke to the experiences of GLBT Christians in Africa.

This Sunday we are having our first Parish Crawl where we are going to attend services and fellowship with local congregations afterwards.

In April, Susan Russell will be in town and we will work on a fundraising event for Integrity’s Canterbury Campaign to help finance a national Integrity presence at the Lambeth Conference this summer in Merry Ole’ England.

We plan on having a witness at the AIDS walk in May and the Pride Parade in June. Shout out to RSFJ and his friend for meeting me last to talk about the AIDS walk and iNYC in general!

We’re also exploring alliances with other organizations like GLAAD who happen to be exploring a “faith-and-values” component to the great work they are already doing

I was asked to serve on the “human sexuality subcommittee” for my diocese’s Social Concerns Commission, and we have our first meeting next week.


In quite a few respects I believe we’re still finding our way, so to speak, on how we as a chapter want to function, and exactly what would be the best way to go about facilitating change, but this is a good start.

Most importantly, the Steering/Planning committee I’m working with is such a GREAT group of people, and I’m immensely blessed.




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6 03 2008

Sounds like quite a bit of progress!

6 03 2008

WHEW, indeed. Now, is a ‘sub’committee composed of ‘subs’ or is it something else entirely??????

6 03 2008

RB –

Thanks for the shout. I just want to be able to serve the HIV/AIDS ministries of the Episcopal Church. Let’s highlight those – they need it.



7 03 2008


Are you English?

7 03 2008
Reverend boy

Actually, DP, my father’s family IS of English descent. My mother’s is Welsh.
Scott, that would be the case if it were a meeting of the NYPOLS. 😉
RSFJ, I quite agree. Hopefully this is something we (the Sbcte and i) can talk about next week.
Jarred, thank you. Hopefully we’ll get a good draw for all of these things.

8 03 2008

And what do you do in your spare time?

8 03 2008
Reverend boy

Spare time? what’s that? LOL

Honestly, DP, i do make it a point to carve out space for myself every day and most of Saturdays. When the beau is in town we always make time for each other 2 or three times a week (he travels a lot and is very busy too!)

8 03 2008
Grandmère Mimi

And what do you do in your spare time?

DP, he had lunch with me on Saturday. I was carved out of his already carved out Saturday.

RB, it’s a true wonder that you could spare time for lunch with me, but I’m so glad you did. Johnieb, PJ, and I ate at the Eatery on Monday and, once again, we had a lovely meal. Someone had recommended it to PJ, and I suggested it, too.

It sounds as though you’re moving right along with the Integrity chapter. Y’all are gonna scare some of those bishops by your mere presence at Lambeth. Good for you.

8 03 2008
Reverend boy

The hope is to scare the GOSPEL into them.

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