From the Immaculate Contraption

10 03 2008

(For those who don’t know, I call my parish “The Church of the Immaculate Contraption” as opposed to its proper name.)

I received our Parish Newsletter, “The Epistle,” today in the mail.  Every edition begins with a letter from the Rector, as I’m sure most parish newsletters do.  This month he talked about how early Easter was and how he was very much not looking forward to the prospect of a cold grey Easter morning in New York.  He spoke about how at different times, even as late as the 2nd Vatican Council it has been talked about making Easter a fixed Sunday, such as April 9 or the 2nd Sunday in April.

He then ends in some words which caught me by a pleasant surprise and I wanted to share.

…Another  piece of good news I am coming to understand is this:  something is impractically and unpredictably right about Easter’s being a movable, wobbling feast.  You can’t put a fix on the life of God.  Easter cannot be pinned down.  If anything, the truth of Easter should catch us by surprise.  God rolls away the stones of death and brings forth life in ways that confound the wise and foil the timetables of us all.  Sometimes God breathes the life of Christ into your life before you are really ready.  Sometimes he comes only after a long wait.  …. If Easter comes to early for your liking this year on March 23, take it as a reminder that God doesn’t always wait for us to be ready.

How well I am finding that out in so many ways!




4 responses

12 03 2008
Grandmère Mimi

RB, that is a lovely word from the rector. It’s very right that Easter should be a “wobbling feast” that sometimes catches us by surprise.

Which reminds me that Lent is nearly over, and that I have not kept the season well, so far. Well, I could start now trying to do better, couldn’t I? It’s not too late. I have a little time left.

12 03 2008

I like your rector’s thoughts as well … and Grandmere’s …

13 03 2008
John-Julian, OJN

I think you got it a little wrong.

Isn’t it “The Inaccurate Contraption”?

13 03 2008

I like your rector’s thoughts as well, RB. Thanks for sharing them!


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