SIX: Finished

21 03 2008

It is finished.

There is nothing more that can be done. No more healings. No more sayings. No more miracles. The one who created the world, the one through whom “all things were made” has said it is finished.

On the sixth day, God created humankind, looked over all of creation and called it very good. At the sixth word, Jesus said it is finished. Coincidence?


How strange it is that Christians look to a man of whom it could be said was the only true victim in this world as our saviour. How even more strange that we say that there is nothing we can do to earn a connection, a relationship with something or someone much bigger than ourselves.

Whenever we ask if there was anything more we could have done, we must remember …. it is finished.

It is finished … but is it really over?



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