Blogging for Doorman Priest

28 03 2008


Today I’m guest blogging over at the Doorman-Priest’s place while he’s at Vicar’s School.  As usual when religious people get together, I am sure there is much liquid refreshment.  I hope DP is being a very good influence (read:  influence of good whiskey) on his classmates.



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29 03 2008

I hope he gets to drink too. I attended a Baptist church here at one time. They don’t drink. Jesus only had grapejuice, etc…

Roland (Ronald)
(long story)

30 03 2008
Grandmère Mimi

RB, I hope that DP had a good time and a few glasses of whiskey, too. So far only silence from his direction. I’m curious to know his reaction to our “help”, but I suppose he’s busy settling in and spending time with his family.

30 03 2008
Reverend boy

I’m sure that is the case … i bet we’ll here from him tomorrow

31 03 2008

You were Fab, both of you. Still gathering my thoughts and awaiting some photos. Fear not, I shall return soon.

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