18 04 2008

I was a little naughty yesterday.

I scheduled some doctors appointments and took it as a sick day.  The weather was GLOH-REE-US!

Went to the dermatologist at 930, then stopped in a cafe in SoHo and watched everyone going about their day.

Had lunch in Chelsea and a nice glass of wine.

Went to my physical.

Window shopped.

Back to a cafe in the West Village where I enjoyed a martini.

Then I couldn’t resist so I sent a text message to my Personal Atheist and Beefeater, who were slaving away in the office saying I was enjoying said martini (grey goose, 2 olives, absolutely no vermouth)

I am so going to hell.



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18 04 2008

Well, clearly you’ll be in good company, along with all the other ‘Piskies who were cast down for not chilling the salad forks……

Although, I might have to report your unfortunate choice of calling a vodka cocktail a “martini” when it is clearly *not*, to the Proper Authorities!

Cheers 🙂

(who is now thinking of the chilled bottle of Pino Grigio in his fridge….)

18 04 2008

Hmmm, I snuck out early and have had a nice ale called Blandford Fly: lovely aftertaste. No sun, though, what with it being perpetual winter here.

18 04 2008
John-Julian, OJN

RB, now THAT makes a trip to the doctor downright attractive.

I’d go do it in a minute myself, but I so far have been unable to find the word “martini” in the Rule of St. Benedict (I’m quite sure it must be in there somewhere…..). I’ll keep trying…..

Pax et bonum…

18 04 2008

Oh I am now living in Albany NY but oh the spring days of that part of NYC. Just a year ago I was working on Broadway at 9th and often in West Village or Chelsea.

Sounds delightful.

Hell schmell.

18 04 2008
That Kaeton Woman

Going to hell are we? I’m right behind you, darling.

19 04 2008

Yesterday, snow returned to the Puget Sound area, but last Saturday, it was perfect spring weather.

I too have scheduled a physical with my new doctor — Dr. SCARR!

19 04 2008
Grandmère Mimi

RB, I’m pleased you had a lovely day. I hope that your boss doesn’t read your blog. That is all.

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