Goin to the chapel ..

15 05 2008

From the New York Times ….

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court has overturned a voter-approved ban on gay marriage, paving the way for the state to become the second in the United States where gay and lesbian residents can marry.

The justices released the 4-3 decision Thursday, saying that domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage in an opinion written by Chief Justice Ron George.

Outside the courthouse, gay marriage supporters cried and cheered as news spread of the decision.

In striking down the ban, the court said, “In contrast to earlier times, our state now recognizes that an individual’s capacity to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with another person and responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual’s sexual orientation, and, more generally, that an individual’s sexual orientation — like a person’s race or gender — does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights.”

The cases were brought by the city of San Francisco, two dozen gay and lesbian couples, Equality California and another gay rights group in March 2004 after the court halted San Francisco’s monthlong same-sex wedding march that took place at Mayor Gavin Newsom’s direction.

“Today the California Supreme Court took a giant leap to ensure that everybody — not just in the state of California, but throughout the country — will have equal treatment under the law,” said City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who argued the case for San Francisco.

A very nice win …. as they say, “as goes California, so goes the nation” or something like this.


Ok, I know I have some CA readers out there, or at least some folks who are familiar with how the relationships between the branches of gov’t work.  What is the next step?  Does this go to the State Legislature?  Or is the State of California now required to grant marriage licenses to GLBT couples? Enquiring minds want to know.




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15 05 2008

Will you and Sir be off to California then?

15 05 2008
Reverend boy

Not quite. We both get queasy at the thought….not the marrying types i’m afraid.

15 05 2008

It’s great news, isn’t it?

The Sir who call me his boy is originally from CA, and we often visit family there. Perhaps we should tie the knot next time we’re visiting! Woo-hoo!!!

15 05 2008

There was a proposition (22) which banned Gay Marriage, this was in reaction to the City of San Francisco marrying people. The people in San Fran brought suit with the legal fight going to the State Supreme Court which overturned the proposition.

California has a history of propositions which are overturned by the court as it is far too easy to get things on the ballot, and it appears those with funding are able to pay for TV ads which gives flawed information, and an electorate which can’t discern the legal aspects of the propositions placed on the ballot.

Outside of the GLBT issue, the proposition issue is systemic and has become a growing problem laying absurd issues on the people.

Odds are yet another proposition will be forthcoming.

16 05 2008

But I’ve never been a best man and I do such good speeches.

19 05 2008
Grandmère Mimi

Great news, whether or not you and Sir tie the knot, RB.

It really is too bad about your good speech that we won’t hear, DP.

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