Only in New York

16 06 2008

the Reverend boy’s roommate:  Will you help me bring my Air Conditioning unit down to the garbage?

The Reverend boy:  Doesn’t it still work?  Why don’t we leave it on the street?  I’m sure someone will pick it up.  We’ll put a sign on it that says “Pick me up, take me home and use me!”

Roommate:  OMG i can’t believe you would do that!

the Reverend boy:  Why not?  Trust me, someone will pick it up.

15 minutes later …

Roommate <peering out the window>:  OK just so you know, the AC is gone.

the Reverend boy:  I told you!  See?  You just have to trust ….

Roommate:  I wonder if I put a sign like that on me when I go out will I get a date?

the Reverend boy:  No comment.




7 responses

16 06 2008

Does your roommate work or is he broken? 😛

16 06 2008
Reverend boy

LOL! My roommate is actually rather cute and a very nice guy. His quandry is so typical of life in A Big City … very easy to meet people, hard to make friends, harder to find a boyfriend.

He gets discouraged at all the research involved. 😛

17 06 2008

“I wonder if I put a sign like that on me when I go out will I get a date?”


17 06 2008

That probably depends on where he goes when he wears the sign. I’m sure there are several places in NYC where the answer would be DEFINITELY!!

17 06 2008

He might want to leave “use me” off his sign, though.

Unless that’s what he’s looking for. 😉

17 06 2008

RevBoy, I just might try that myself! And yes, I do know where your roommate’s coming from, being in the exact situation myself.

17 06 2008

Yeah, me too, actually. {Sigh}

In any case, Happy Belated Birthday! How wonderful you had such a nice day and have such support and friends to share it with!


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