Weight gain!

17 06 2008

I have a weight problem. My tendency is to be underweight.

A couple of weeks ago, SIR thought that I had lost weight. I had been feeling a bit stretched and thin lately, and i hadn’t been going to the gym regularly DESPITE the fact it’s part of my “rule of life”…

So I went to weigh myself and discovered that I had lost a few pounds.

I realize the vast majority of people out there wonder why this would be a bad thing, but when you’re 6’1 and you discover that you had dropped 10 pounds since the new year (160 down to 150) this is NOT a good thing.

I’ve been making sure that I have been getting plenty of exercise and eating LOTS of food.

Not junk food. My taste for fast food / junk food is next to nothing, though I admit I do get cravings for McDonalds breakfast on occasion.

In any event, I am back to 156 and hope to be back to my normal weight of 160 before too long. Unless I plateau I might even go a bit past that in time for my upcoming vacation, where I’ll be lounging around the pool for a week in Key West then off to visit SIR in Cape Cod for a few days the following week.

My goal is to level off at some point around the 175 – 180 range, which would put me at “just right” for my height. As difficult as it is for me to gain weight, I figure this will take me quite some time …

UPDATE: My boss decided to contribute to my cause by buying me a cookie.



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17 06 2008

Good luck!

And feel free to take on some of the weight I need to shed. 😉

17 06 2008
Robert Thomas

I’m jealous. I wish I had that problem. I have a few pounds I would love to donate to your cause!

17 06 2008

i second Jarred and Robert – you can have some of my extra weight. Ever since i passed the big four-oh in age, i can gain five pounds just by walking down the ice cream aisle at the grocery store.

Seriously, good luck with the weight gain – my ex, Jim, has the same problem you do and i know how frustrating it can be to gain or maintain a healthy weight. Take care of yourself, rb.

17 06 2008

You have broken a cardinal rule. This is a problem of which one does not speak. Not only will very few empathize, but you risk solving it.

17 06 2008
Reverend boy

Thanks, Jarred and Scott.

Fr Thomas, your sentiments have been echoed my several people i know LOL!!

Christian, you should know me well enough that the only rules I have really only been good at following are those made by HIMSELF.

17 06 2008

As usual, late to the thread, but in any case, I have no sympathy for you WhatSoEver!!!!!!!! :-0

who was shocked to find he gained ten lbs over the winter

17 06 2008

Is this the health concern that dare not speak its name? 🙂 I don’t want to nag, but do make sure that there are no other factors involved.

At 49, though weight has not been a particular problem for me, I recently learned that I have apparently inherited the gene that turns any food I look at into bad cholesterol — I mean, really bad levels, though everything else (bp, heart rate, good cholesterol, inflammation) is quite good. So, rather than going with a med, I opted to make my diet that was already pretty good, even better. At first, I was on the pity pot about that, but now that my suit slacks fit properly again, I’m good.

Fortunately, I like to eat the stuff I’m supposed to, so that makes it a bit easier, but the other day when I was eating fat free cottage cheese and tomatoes for lunch, and enjoying it, I realized I’ve grown up to be an old lady.

18 06 2008

It is what it is … I was skinny all my life; now 10 years older+ than you that is no longer the case … skinny is a healthy thing … too skinny can mean, as we all know, something else … If you come West we will take a look … 🙂

18 06 2008
Reverend boy

Yard[D]og, as it turns out, according to my doctor, I am underweight. 160 would be the lower bound of “normal,” and 180 would be optimal.

And yes, skinny is a healthy thing. Karen Carpenter’s body, not so much….

18 06 2008

Our body changes every 7 years, including metabolism. Given that you just turned 21 …. 🙂

Usually, our metabolism slows, but with your level of stress lately, I’m not surprised that you’ve lost weight. Be gentle with yourself!

All I can do to help is offer a nice, fattening cocktail the next time I see you!

18 06 2008
Reverend boy

Rob, I will definitely take you up on that!

18 06 2008

Your situation does sound comical considering the rate of obesity in North America, but gaining weight can be just as hard as losing weight for a minority of people.

Just be careful about the kind of weight you put back on.

In my experience, liquid nutrition has been the biggest help. Odds are, relying solely on solid food will not work. You stomach will not digest it quick enough for you to get enough calories in.

protein shakes, yogurt, honey, healthy oils like fish oils, flax & hemp, fruit smoothies, milk if you have no intolerance issues, milkshakes, etc…

You may want to spur your body into adding some lean muscle mass. Nothing drastic, but a program of push ups, chin-ups, 1 leg deadlifts, 1 leg squats and some core work should also help to spur on some weight gain.

And like the others, I am feeling a tinge of jealousy.

18 06 2008

If it’s not causing you any medical problems or malnutrition, however, why gain weight? I assume, however, that you’ve talked to your doctor about this.

18 06 2008
Reverend boy

I did talk to the doctor, and while amused did not have any real problem with it as long as it was done by eating the right kinds of foods and exercising regularly and supplementing them with some of the liquid-type stuff that DR talked about.

The goals are for aesthetic reasons (read: vanity) and to build up some self-confidence.

And I’m tired of not being able to find pants that fit.

19 06 2008

So, I used to date a guy about your age that had the same problem. He wanted to bulk up and stop feeling like a stick insect, so what he did was eat ice-cream before he went to bed. Apparently it slows down your metabolism, and during sleep this is when your body is burning a lot of calories. It worked. But you have to be disciplined!

Also- protein shakes couldn’t hurt either. I would also recommend trans fats because they’re so terrible for your waist, but then again I don’t want you to have a heart attack by 25.

19 06 2008

Forgive me if I’ve shared this story here; an advantage of creeping toward 50 is that you youngsters have to pretend you’re hearing everything I say for the first time.

The stress-weight loss connection reminded me of the months before my coming out. Because of the anticipated freedom/conflicts it would create, I was wired. Since I would wake up early every morning, I took my exercising up a notch, so between that and the overall anxiety, I dropped quite a few pounds (My now husband says I was “gaunt.”). I was preoccupied, and gave it little thought until all of a sudden I needed new pants (Actually, a student called me “Mr. Baggy Pants.”).

However, I was still in Evangelical Land at the time, involved in church leadership and, of course, my fabulous organ playing. As I had commitments to meet, I got my “ducks in a row” prior to my anticipated departure. It soon became known that KJ had big things going on in his life, but no one, not even my family who attended the church knew what. Given the weight loss, many began to assume that I had a serious illness, and the rumor grew.

So, when “graduation day” came, and I began the arduous task of coming out, a woman in the congregation, a woman who had gone through the horror of losing an adolescent son just a year before was relieved. “Thank goodness that’s all!” was her response. “I thought KJ was dying!”

Kind of helped others to keep things in perspective. (That woman is still one of my favorite people on earth.)

19 06 2008

fran sent me……

oh i wish i had that problem
i used to have that problem — no matter what i ate i lost weight

now at the ripe old age of __ (fill in the blank) == i am conscious of everything i eat……

fran had dinner with you after i got her good and buzzed on one beer

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