Faith Shopping Network

20 06 2008

From the “You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up Department” …

Hat Tip to “Ship of Fools” website for pointing us to all of our faith shopping needs, including the bobble-head Jesus.

Some of these you may have seen before …

First we have the “Wash Your Sins Away Soap”

Then the ever popular “I Believe” iPod, so you can listen to Black Sabbath during the sermon and no one is the wiser.

In honor of all those who homeskool their children or deserve the “Jesus I can’t stand these people” tag on Fran’s blog, we have the Armor of God PJs.  No really.  They’re there, and they’re real.

And finally, in honor of the upcoming Lambeth Conference, we have the Rowan the Bear doll.  Rumour has it one is being sent to given to each bishop as a party favour for their attendance. +Clumber, +Rowan the Dog and +Airedale would have gotten one but for concerns it would have been used as a chew toy …




One response

20 06 2008

hahahahahah- that is great!!

The Rowan the Bear doll reminds one that there is a small fortune to be made if one wants to create an entire line of Anglican/Episcopal Webkinz!

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