25 06 2008

Over at +Clumber’s place, he has published some great satire regarding GAFCON, including a T-shirt advertising Kool-Aid. 😉

My comment to him was,

OMG this speaks VOLUMES!!!!!!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but THIS picture is worth 10,000!!!

I may have to change my name to the Reverend pup. Do you have room for Weimeraner puppies?

To which he replied,

Do we have room for Weimeraner puppies? Do you mean figuratively or literally? There’s always room for another pup in the crowd, especially in the priestly ranks! We do have a few bad dogs, but I’m working with the PB’s office to supply pinch collars to replace those bad dog’s regular dog collars. I’m waiting to see if she approves.

So what would the Reverend pup look like?  If I were a pup, I would guess i would look like this … (shamelessly lifted from LOLdogs)

See?  it has a collar and everything.



7 responses

25 06 2008

Appropriately enough, I that “collar” is actually a choke-chain. 😉

Of course, this makes me want to hunt down the real dog’s owner and give him a piece of my mind…

25 06 2008
John-Julian, OJN

I can’t tell whether he is supercilious, awkward, or bored! And surely , RB, you are none of those???!!! :-))

25 06 2008
Reverend boy

Aw come on, he’s cute and has a self-satisfied smug look on his face!

25 06 2008

Okay, I’ve made an Official Reverend Pup just for you…

And Jarred, remember, TEC is issuing prong collars for certain bishops even as we speak. They need reminding to keep their eye on the prize!

25 06 2008

For some reason I envision Rboy with a spiked collar, as for the GAFCON-ites, they are forgoing pectoral crosses and replacing them with ecclesiastical cattle prods.

25 06 2008

RB with a spiked collar? Nah. Maybe ever-so-slightly sparkly, but in the best taste, of course!


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