Beach Day update …

30 07 2008

Had a great time at the beach on Saturday … ran into some old friends, and saw one or two people I met in Key West (no matter where you go, if you are from NY, you will see people from NY).

But, yes, in case you all were wondering, I ran into none other than an Episcopal priest and his husband, and this time it was someone I knew from iNYC. He was officiating at services at the local community house on Sunday.

Note to self — update spiritual autobiography with heading “There is no escape.”

Beach day!

25 07 2008

Tomorrow I have decided that I will go out to the beach and bake in the sun for a day and i will probably hang around into the evening to get in some dancing before heading back into the City that night.

If an Episcopal priest, deacon or Jesus Himself shows up tomorrow …. we’re going to have a little chat about boundaries…

I’m just sayin.


23 07 2008

Thanks to my father for sending this along.  I thought this was appropriate in light of the tea party going on over in Canterbury.

Headline of the Day …

22 07 2008

From the Guardian (hat-tip to Thinking Anglicans)

Escorts on offer for lonely bishops at Lambeth conference

Bad Taste Comment: I wonder if this means that will be included in the fringe festival?  Or if they were in contact with former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer’s office?  Probably better off just not knowing….

Quote of the week

21 07 2008

Now THIS is a sermon … Taken from the Bishop of Colombo’s sermon from the opening Eucharist of the Lambeth  Conference, emphasis mine. You can read the whole thing here

It is indeed a true saying that God gives the Church an agenda out of the crises of the world.  And so my dear sisters and brothers in Christ, the Anglican Communion must always give the highest priority to our invitation from Christ to participate Christ in transforming God’s world.  To bring healing, peace, justice, reconciliation, abundant life, where there is oppression, where there is hostility, where there is strife and division.  … God has called us and placed us in God’s world so that we might participate with him in bringing this transformation.


I would like to draw your attention to the parable that was read as the Gospel:  the words of the master were wise words.  Let them grow together.

There can and there must be no uprooting, simply because if we attempt this game of uprooting the unrighteous then, my dear sisters and brothers, none of us will remain.  We are all a mix of the wheat and the weeds. The wisdom of these words suggest that we stay together because we draw from a common soil, a common tradition, a common heritage.  We are what we are regardless of our differences, because of our common life together and our origins.  Transformation comes in this interaction, and transformation must come from within.

And all of God’s people said … AMEN!

Wheat and Weeds

20 07 2008

Today’s Gospel reading is one of the many parables that Jesus tells which talks about what the Kingdom of Heaven is like (notice he never says what it is). The Gospel of Matthew has many lessons for anyone wishing to see concrete examples of how our lives as followers of Christ play out in the real world, and the parables can teach us a thing or two about how we can apply those lessons….if we can also learn to hear them. Many read today’s parable of the Wheat and the Weeds as saying that there are those that are part of the kingdom (the wheat) and those who are not (the weeds).

We can also read it as a parable of the Church, where committed members often sit side-by-side with those who are indifferent to the mission of the Church or use the community to serve their own ends or have the chance to exercise power and authority in their otherwise mundane lives. Sometimes when one party prevails over another it is easy to grumble and wish the others would just go away and leave. They take the stance that the one’s causing all the fuss are just rotten apples who are spoiling the whole bunch and should be taken out of the barrel.

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Madonna didn’t call, but Jesus did …

13 07 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes during my vacation sojourn 🙂

Well, I’m back from my great East Coast whirlwind tour …. 7 days in Key West, 2 days in NYC, and 3 days on Cape Cod with SIR (he works there over the summer). Had a WONDERFUL time. If anyone hasn’t taken two weeks of vacation together, I would highly recommend it!

I met some wonderful people while in Key West and Cape Cod, and got their contact information so I could keep in touch.

I will not bore anyone with stories of “how I spent my summer vacation” but one anecdote in particular needs telling …

While at the pool at the hotel where I was staying in KW, i had ordered a refill of my cocktail and politely said hello to one of the other folks at the bar. I figured he and his partner had stopped in for a drink since they were not clad in swimming pool attire, and we engaged in some brief small talk … then out of the blue he asked,

“Excuse me are you the Reverend boy?”

If i were in mid-sip, i can tell you my martini would have immediately left my mouth and ended up all over the bar.

After the initial shock had worn off, we had a very nice conversation. I was invited for brunch the next day, but having two worlds collide at once seemed a bit much for twice in one vacation, so I left it vague as to whether I would go, saying I would most likely sleep in. The next day, shortly after lunch, I was at the poolside bar again and happened to notice a gentleman who could have passed for Ernest Hemingway looking every now and again in my direction. Shortly thereafter, I heard a familiar voice behind me say “Someone would like to speak with you, if you would like to join us for drinks.” The next thing I know, I was being led over to the table by the nice gentleman from yesterday and in short order found myself sitting across from Mr. Hemingway, who happened to be one of the local Episcopal priests. So there we were, my new friend from yesterday, his partner, “Fr. Hemingway,” a friend of his and the Reverend boy all sitting at a table fellowshipping over cocktails, talking about the Church, my own parish, Immaculate Contraption, seminary, and life in general.

Some snippets from the conversation

“So young man, did you make it to church today?”

“No sir, but I did have some white toast and a glass of cabernet with my brunch.”

and then later,

“so if Jesus were in the flesh today, I imagine he would be right here at this hotel with all of us.”

“Yes, sir, and as he walked across the pool it would turn into a nice big vat of dubonnet.”

So there you have it …. as I said in my last post, “If Madonna calls, I’m not here.”

Well, Madonna didn’t call but Jesus certainly showed up in the form of a wonderful group of folks one Sunday afternoon. I am very happy to have met you all.

PS … Grandmere Mimi, these lovely people send their regards. You have fans in Key West.