Madonna didn’t call, but Jesus did …

13 07 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes during my vacation sojourn 🙂

Well, I’m back from my great East Coast whirlwind tour …. 7 days in Key West, 2 days in NYC, and 3 days on Cape Cod with SIR (he works there over the summer). Had a WONDERFUL time. If anyone hasn’t taken two weeks of vacation together, I would highly recommend it!

I met some wonderful people while in Key West and Cape Cod, and got their contact information so I could keep in touch.

I will not bore anyone with stories of “how I spent my summer vacation” but one anecdote in particular needs telling …

While at the pool at the hotel where I was staying in KW, i had ordered a refill of my cocktail and politely said hello to one of the other folks at the bar. I figured he and his partner had stopped in for a drink since they were not clad in swimming pool attire, and we engaged in some brief small talk … then out of the blue he asked,

“Excuse me are you the Reverend boy?”

If i were in mid-sip, i can tell you my martini would have immediately left my mouth and ended up all over the bar.

After the initial shock had worn off, we had a very nice conversation. I was invited for brunch the next day, but having two worlds collide at once seemed a bit much for twice in one vacation, so I left it vague as to whether I would go, saying I would most likely sleep in. The next day, shortly after lunch, I was at the poolside bar again and happened to notice a gentleman who could have passed for Ernest Hemingway looking every now and again in my direction. Shortly thereafter, I heard a familiar voice behind me say “Someone would like to speak with you, if you would like to join us for drinks.” The next thing I know, I was being led over to the table by the nice gentleman from yesterday and in short order found myself sitting across from Mr. Hemingway, who happened to be one of the local Episcopal priests. So there we were, my new friend from yesterday, his partner, “Fr. Hemingway,” a friend of his and the Reverend boy all sitting at a table fellowshipping over cocktails, talking about the Church, my own parish, Immaculate Contraption, seminary, and life in general.

Some snippets from the conversation

“So young man, did you make it to church today?”

“No sir, but I did have some white toast and a glass of cabernet with my brunch.”

and then later,

“so if Jesus were in the flesh today, I imagine he would be right here at this hotel with all of us.”

“Yes, sir, and as he walked across the pool it would turn into a nice big vat of dubonnet.”

So there you have it …. as I said in my last post, “If Madonna calls, I’m not here.”

Well, Madonna didn’t call but Jesus certainly showed up in the form of a wonderful group of folks one Sunday afternoon. I am very happy to have met you all.

PS … Grandmere Mimi, these lovely people send their regards. You have fans in Key West.



10 responses

13 07 2008

Wow- that is AMAZING. You are a gliterari blogerati! And Mimi – oh that Mimi!

Glad you had fun. And yes- Jesus would be at the liminal edges, the fringes and likely at the pool too.

14 07 2008
Robert Thomas

Welcome back Rev. Boy. Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing time. Have been missing your blog entries here.

14 07 2008

Hee hee! Famous bloggER you!

Glad your vacay was good – sounds like a fun and relaxing time.

14 07 2008

Welcome back! i’m so glad you had such a wonderful time 🙂

14 07 2008

Sorry! I rang around and told everyone where you’d be. My fault.

14 07 2008

Did you get to Disney while in Florida? ‘Cuz I have that song going though my head just now… know the one…..

slightly jealous that people don’t come up to *him* and say, ‘So, aren’t you RFSJ?”

14 07 2008
Grandmère Mimi

RB, you’re kidding me! You wouldn’t tease an old lady now, would you? When you write to your new friends, give them MY regards. Indeed!

And you! Well, your gorgeous picture is all over the place, and you are famous! People recognize you!

What a conversation! Jesus would surely be there with you, but I’m not sure about the rest. Oh dear. The exclamation points have run amok.

I’m glad you had a lovely time and are back writing again, love.

14 07 2008
Paul in ABQ

I hate that horrid song (y’all know the one) but it is very true.

Sounds as though you had a very good time. Bravo!

15 07 2008

Whew! I thought that story was going to go a very different direction. Glad you had a proper vacation!

19 07 2008
That Kaeton Woman, TELP

Oh, drat. I forgot to tell you. Madonna did call. I told her you were in Key West. She said she was going to fly right out on the next plane to see you. Guess she didn’t make it, eh? Ah, but you were with Fr. Hemmingway, so no great loss. (Glad you’re home and that you had a wonderful time.)

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