Beach Day update …

30 07 2008

Had a great time at the beach on Saturday … ran into some old friends, and saw one or two people I met in Key West (no matter where you go, if you are from NY, you will see people from NY).

But, yes, in case you all were wondering, I ran into none other than an Episcopal priest and his husband, and this time it was someone I knew from iNYC. He was officiating at services at the local community house on Sunday.

Note to self — update spiritual autobiography with heading “There is no escape.”



4 responses

30 07 2008
Rick+ in Reno, NV - USA

Dear RB,

Perhaps better, “There are no coincidences.” 🙂

30 07 2008

Bishop Gene Robinson quotes an unknown on his Lambeth blog; “Coincidences are God’s way of keeping a low profile”

30 07 2008
Reverend boy

Rob i was just thinking the same thing!

1 08 2008

Just wait when the Shekinah rests in you, collar or not, people decide they must tell you their life’s story….so much for quiet reading at Starbucks….. 🙂

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