Unplugging …

18 08 2008

…to enjoy the rest of the summer, which is the main reason i haven’t posted much lately.  I have been keeping up with y’all and have especially enjoyed reading everyone’s postings up at DP’s while he’s in Tannin but just haven’t really felt moved to comment or add much to the conversation because i’m totally in “summer mode” here.

So, the Reverend boy will be taking a brief hiatus until Labour Day.  This week I’m heading off to North Carolina (or as Sista girl calls it, “North Cack,” short for “North Cack-a-lackee”) to visit the family for a few days and connect with some friends.  Will be taking the train there and back.  I have what Amtrak is calling a “roomette” and am totally looking forward to being unplugged and watching the countryside roll by as i read the paper, a few books, and listen to music.

Next week I’ll be back in NYC and will try to hit the beach over the long weekend.  I’ll still be checking in on y’all to see what mischief everyone is getting up to (and you know who you are!), but I doubt I’ll be saying too much and will be content to just lurk about for a couple of more weeks.



3 responses

18 08 2008
Robert Thomas

Enjoy your break Rev. Boy!

18 08 2008

Enjoy your break. I will be at DP on Wed, but it will still be there when you return. I am envious of your train journey… Roomette, love the sound of that.

Have a GREAT time!

18 08 2008

I envy you, I start school again this Friday. I had no idea they made roomettes outa leather?

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