World-wide visitors!!!!

1 09 2008

So, I installed “ClustrMaps” to find out how exactly far flung the web reaches … and it’s pretty far!

It’s no surprise most of the clicks come from the US and I can guess who most of the clicks are … I see Fran in upstate NY, Anthony in CA, Fr. Thomas in Alaska, and Mimi in LA (who is safe in Baton Rouge, amen!) … There’s Doorman Priest visiting over from the UK, and then someone from what appears to be London.  And of course, Boaz has visited from Sydney.  It’s kind of cool to see just how far flung your online friends are!

On to some surprises … There’s a click from what I think is Rio de Janiero in Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, three from India and then one from the Czech Republic!

Very cool, indeed 🙂




2 responses

1 09 2008

It will get sillier.

If you’d installed it a week ago you’d have got hits from Tallinn!

1 09 2008
Reverend boy

DP, my only excuse is that I’ve been in summer mode!

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