Gender and Politics

5 09 2008

One good thing will come out of the pick of Sarah Palin as the running mate for John McCain …

The Democrats will not be able to think that everyone who voted for Senator Hillary Clinton will just “roll over” and vote for Senator Barack Obama.  The story of her life that she is presenting will resonate with a great deal of women in this country.

The Good News that I can share about her nomination is that the voices of women will be taken seriously in this campaign … perhaps the most serious they have ever been taken at least since the question of universal suffrage came up 80 years ago.

And for that reason alone I will say, “Thanks be to God.”



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5 09 2008

I am trying to hear what you are saying, but as a woman, Sarah Palin is so offensive to me, it is hard to hear it that way.

Deep sigh.

6 09 2008
John-Julian, OJN

Sarah Palin represents modern womanhood? And is to be “taken seriously”?

If so, I hereby turn in whatever feminist credentials I have accumulated over the years.

7 09 2008

I’m waiting for Sarah to break into song, “I am woman, let me shoot a moose”

What I find interesting is that Hilary Clinton was put down for being tough, but it is OK for Palin to come off strong, why one and not the other? Right now the Reps scare me.

8 09 2008
the Reverend boy

Now, now, now … hold on a minute here … I was actually trying to say something positive about the role of women in politics in general.

Let me say flat out, I thought we were done with the fundamentalists hijacking the Republican party but the choice of her in this race really really shows how much clout is still out there … The game in this race has CHANGED … and not for the better. …

The incumbent party can NOT be allowed to win the White House this November. The choice of Sarah Palin is clear, clear evidence of that.

I’ve just read a few articles written (granted, all commentary) by a few women (one actually a lesbian) both conservative and liberal. My point in saying what I did was that women’s votes (and to clarify I do NOT mean, ‘the women’s vote’) and in particularly a woman’s candidacy for high office will no longer be taken in anything but a serious manner. And THAT, in and of itself, is a good thing.

As far as being scared, well for myself, I will hold off on that until November, but there is some anxiety … an anxiety which is pervasive, I think, for why else would we obsess over this person coming out of the wilds of Alaska? For now, all we can do is pray and work in our own ways for what we know this country is about.

For myself, I’m praying that what this country is about is NOT what the incumbent party is showing to us in its two candidates for President and VP.

Hope that clears things up.

8 09 2008

I was not sure what you were saying but this makes sense. I am a bit rankled because while I live in a place that has a more liberal church as large, the suburb that I live in is very conservative. People are going crazy for her and it is very disturbing.

We are long overdue for women to have a their rightful place indeed.

She just seems like the wrong woman.

Thanks RB!

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