Rev’d boy’s Thought of the Day

14 09 2008

The Church is more like a sailboat than a powerboat. A powerboat goes straight to where the Captain wants it to go.  A sailboat, however, is propelled by the wind.  The Church as a sailboat, propelled by the winds of the Holy Spirit, does not head towards the fulfilment of her mission in a straight shot.  Rather, she sometimes must tack one way then the other in a zig-zag kind of fashion, sometimes appearing to fall behind, or stall or even move forward.  However, in every instance, she inexorably moves towards the fulfilment of the mission.



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14 09 2008
John-Julian, OJN


O, I love that image!

Concomitantly, the ship will only go where the wind blows it. It’s not just up to us, it’s up to God. And we have to look at the current situation in the Church and ask “What is God showing us? How is God guiding the Church? Where does God seem to be telling us to go?” Because, after all the sturm und drang, God’s is the only will that shall be done, not ours!

14 09 2008

…and remember, many churches are built in the style of an overturned sailing ship.

14 09 2008
jeffrey dunaway

wild goose!!! fly, baby, fly…

14 09 2008

What a great image- thank you!

21 09 2008
Tobias Haller

Good thought. Let us keep the sails hoisted, and never choose to use that other ancient means of propulsion, the galley slaves!

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