I’m still here …..

26 10 2008

I haven’t posted since the beginning of the month, and haven’t even checked the Reverend boy’s email either. I know I need to respond to y’all and I promise to do so soon.

Everything is fine over here in the sometimes gritty, sometimes hard, but always beautiful and interesting City that Never Sleeps.  As y’all probably know, I work in the financial industry, and while my own firm is doing A-O-K, the climate itself is simply not pretty, so needless to say I’ve been very busy and my day job has become pretty much all consuming.  I’ve also been trying to keep a good sense of balance, which has been difficult.

There is a LOT of stuff going on right now, and none of it particularly bad but all of it is ultimately good.  In the words of Alannis Morisette, “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you … ”

Everything is good, I just haven’t had any real time to keep up with anything other than my day job.

it’s just … life 🙂  I promise to respond to emails and comments soon.

I miss you all and promise to be back to posting soon, most likely after November 4th, when i’ll be either breathing a sigh of relief or starting up a resistance movement…. 😉

Go Read This Right Now!

3 10 2008

I mean it!  Hie thee hence!

From JX, a self-described 20-something/male/progressive evangelical/seminary student/minister/musician/gay

Here’s a teaser … READ IT AND GO!

Yesterday I heard two people with whom I work very closely insist that folks “decide” to become gay because it’s a “cool” thing to do. Where the hell is this fairy-tale world that they’re living in??? Because I would love to be there! This is one I haven’t really heard before, but they were absolutely convinced that it happens. Of course, I had to sit there in silence rather than speak up for myself and the many others whose deep pain and frustration is trivialized and mocked by this safe attitude that homosexuality is some sort of “fad,” like crocks or Hannah Montana. I say this is a safe attitude to them, because it depersonalizes the issue and lowers it to a place where one thinks she or he can just tell the person dealing with it to “get over it” and “snap out of it.”  When will people realize how bad this hurts, how NOT cool we think it is, and how dehumanizing it is to speak of gays and lesbians in such terms. Loving our neighbor implies that we should not mock them or trivialize their gravest struggles.

Why is it that secular institutions must consistently lead the way in civil rights and equality? How embarassing, and how utterly impotent as a moral and ethical influence is the community who follows Jesus Christ.

The Root of All Evil

2 10 2008

Hat-tip to Balloon-Juice, my new favorite non-religious blog ….

Page One Q reports:

In a September 25th blog post titled ‘The Nation Will Right Itself If It Fixes Sex’, Christian Civil League of Maine Executive Director Michael Heath writes that the financial crisis facing Wall Street is a symptom of America’s sinful sexual culture, including the acceptance of gay unions.

“Our crisis is a symptom, not the cause,” writes Michael Heath. “I am not saying I know whether this financial crisis is God’s judgment or not. It is not for me to know that definitively.”

So once again it’s The Geeeyyys (as Sistah Girl, herself a geeeyyy calls all of us LGBT folks) that are the root of all evil in this country.  I’m sorry I thought it was the love of money.  Where did I get that from?

Look up I Timothy 6:10

More and more more I am convinced that many fundamentalists and quite a few so-called evangelicals really don’t know too much about the Bible …