The View from Hell’s Kitchen

10 11 2008

Still bogged down with stuff over here but wanted to check in with everyone … Needless to say, last week was UN- BE – LIEVABLE, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off the country.   SIR and I along with another friend, spent last Tuesday in Rockefeller Center.

One word to describe that night … jubilant.

People were hugging each other, the cabs were honking in the streets.  White, black, Arab, Jew, Indian, Asian, jumping for joy!

There were a number of European tourists in the crowd that night, and a few were standing next to us and joined in the festivities.  More than one said me, “Welcome back!”

As the evening went on, the festive atmosphere continued and the City broke into a spontaneous party.  Taverns, restaurants were overflowing, people were dancing in the streets!  The even more amazing this is that when at the pub where I was, when Obama began to give his speech, the entire place went silent.

One or two folks tried to continue their (loud!) conversation and were promptly shushed by some of the patrons and one even said “Hey, the President is speaking.  Listen up.”

I think this is the first time that gay and lesbian people were mentioned in a victory speech as a part of the nation, not as an “issue.”

The entire neighborhood kept up the celebrations long into the night and finally started to wind down around 230am on Wednesday.  A great time was had by all!  Even on the way to work Wednesday morning, so many people had bounces in their steps, saying hello to each other, smiling genuine smiles.

As Paul Krugman said on his blog in the NYTimes, we have our self-respect again.

So that was the “View from Hell’s Kitchen” last week.  What’s going on with y’all?  It’s been too long since we’ve caught up.



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10 11 2008

Welcome back indeed.

I know you’ve not “been away”, of course.

10 11 2008

I think I’m going to start a 12 Step Program for Bloggers. Obviously, you don’t need one. Lucky man.

And, oh by the way:




11 11 2008

Well, in tiny little Mount Pocono PA, people were coming up to my priest as he shopped asking him for prayers for the president elect and expressing their joy. There was an overall feeling of relief and hopeful expectation, even with those who I know voted against him. Some people feel a need to tend to their party lines regardless of what their heart tells them. The fact that he mentioned “gays and straights” (in that order!) during his victory speech really stood out.

12 11 2008
Neil Morse

Hmmmm… I met a guy at an election-viewing party down here, and we’re going out this Saturday. I hope we really hit it off. How cool would it be to say, “We met when…”?

12 11 2008

I’ve never seen people so excited about the results of a presidential election, and am thrilled to look to the future and put these last horrible eight years behind us.

20 11 2008

Good to see you back, RB! I was a child when JFK was elected, so don’t remember that. But I told my 30 yr old son (who’s in Chicago) that I do not remember anytime in my entire life when I saw that much unadulterated joy and hope in people’s faces as I saw on television on Nov. 4. When the returns came in from Calif & Hawaii, I sat, stunned, trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened. And then I wept with joy, and for the first time in eight years, I felt like I could take a deep breath. Someone with intelligence & a calm presence, someone with a sure sense of who he is, is in the White House. And GLBT people are people to him. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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