4 12 2008

OK so i finally get a breather between the financial meltdown, a diocesan convention, two client conferences (one of which I helped to put on) and basically taking a break from All Things Anglican (except for my own parish, of course), to find that we have a new Anglican-esque denomination that is calling itself the Anglican Church in North America.

What we have here is A Big Mess.

It seems as if we have a group of people petitioning to be a Province in the Anglican Communion where dioceses are based on affinity as opposed to location.

Don’t like women’s ordination?  No problem.  Just find a bishop who does and you can be part of his (and trust me, it’s definitely a his) diocese.

Don’t like high church liturgy?  Fine.  You can find a bishop with low-church leanings and join his (again, his being the operative word) diocese.

Don’t like the 1979 prayer book?  Even better!  Just pick any one that is out there.  But, wait, I thought that common worship within the Province was one of the hallmarks of Anglicanism?  Oh, well, details….

So what does unify this whole group of people together?

It seems as if its loathing of The Episcopal Church, and a distaste for gay people serving in a leadership capacity (lay or ordained).

I am no theologian by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have to question how a group of people can stick together as a church if what binds them together is all this negativity.

We should not, however, be surprised at these turns of events, because this is exactly what they have been trying to do all along.  And they have gone ahead and done it.  Well, no one can doubt their commitment, that’s for sure.

Now, the Episcopal Church has its faults, just like any church, some of which drive me crazy, but I will say that while people may leave it and others may be stripped of the privileges and responsibilities of leadership, I have not come across any instance where we kick people out.

The thing that annoys me about this whole thing is not the fact that it’s happened, but all the grandstanding that is taking place by the nascent Anglican Church in North America.

The word self-absorbed comes to mind.

When I first started this blog, one of the things I wanted to do was to throw in my own two cents about what was going on in the Communion and The Episcopal Church.  Watching this drama unfold and going through what I’ve just been through the past few months has left me saying to the schismatics, “Get a life, and while you’re at it, maybe get a Gospel too.”

Thus endeth the rant. Now, on with Advent, my absolutely favourite time of the Church year.



6 responses

4 12 2008

It’s all pathetic and sad, and strangely relieving. Like the end of a long, very bad nightmare.

5 12 2008

Wow.. all of this splintering. Makes the Anglican church sound almost… Baptist!

5 12 2008

Welcome back!!!!!!! I missed you.

Yes it is a mess, but you’re the guy to fix it.

No pressure then.

5 12 2008
John-Julian, OJN

Ah, the day is complete again with new postings on RB! You were missed!

6 12 2008
Reverend boy

JX, you have hit the nail on the head in more ways than one.

8 12 2008

“Anglican Church of North America/” these drama queens cetainly do love exalted-sounding titles; perahps Duncan will become Metropolitan and Primate of all North America and the Isles. Yuk! As officer Barbraity (sp?) of South Park says, “move along, nothing to see here.”

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