Office Stories

9 12 2008

Story 1:

Last week we sent a presentation to a prospective client (or LP for Limited Partner as we call it at our firm) for a conference call on Monday night.  My boss approved the presentation put together by the analyst and I sent it off to the prospect via email before leaving Friday.  Copied on this email was the relevant department head who was also participating in the call.

Friday evening at around 10:00 pm we got an email from said department head.

“This is not what I had said to send out.  It has way too much information for the purposes of this call.”

Now we had all left for the evening of course and had adjourned to our respective locales.  All of us having blackberries, we all read the email on Friday night.  Read below the fold for our reactions as described on Monday, the resolution and another office story.

My boss: dropped his mug of eggnog into the Very Expensive box of Christmas ornaments just purchased at Bergdorf Goodman that evening (for those of you in the UK, Bergdorfs is like Harvey Nichols but much more expensive and not as much fun).  Immediately begins to freak out and starts a frantic email chain which can be paraphrased as “OMG! WTF! How does this happen, etc.”

The analyst: while at a club trying to pick up a nice young lady, reads his blackberry, turns ghostly white.  This is quite a feat if you are originally from India.  He proceeds to join the email chain which is beginning to have the makings of a circular firing squad.

the Reverend boy: upon reading the email, says “Bartender, could I have another Johnny Walker?  Black this time please it’s going to be a long night… on the rocks, for now.”

Everything sorted itself out of course.  Nobody died, no one got fired.  Call went off without a hitch and all is right with the world.

Story 2:

The night was a little longer than it should have been so of course I caught a cold.   Herbal tea and lemon are my best friends this week.  Oh, and soup.   LOVE soup.  This past Sunday I was supposed to help out at two services and train a new Altar Guild member.  Since they had trouble filling the slots to begin with, I did not want to call in sick, so of course I went and served.

I was relating my experiences over the weekend another person on my team, a Vice President who is a very nurturing, sweet lady who asks these things because she is genuinely interested. She is also Israeli, and while not really religious, she does make it a point to observe the major holidays.

the Reverend boy: So I realize going out into the bitter cold was not the best of things to do for my health, but given they had trouble filling the slots anyway and I had offered last minute, I didn’t feel I could do anything but go.

VP: I see your point.  <smiles> Well, I guess it’s hard to say no to God isn’t it?

My mind immediately went to those Jesus-leave-me-alone moments over the summer and my more recent struggles with my calling to the ministry.

the Reverend boy: You have no idea.  Trust me on this one.



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